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1. Who is appointed as the 24th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in place of Mr. Raghuram Rajan?
a) H.R. Khan
b) N.S. Vishwanathan
c) R. Gandhi
d) S.S. Mundra
e) Urjit Patel

2. Which is the other bank that will be merged with SBI besides its five subsidiary banks?
a) City Union Bank
b) Karur Vysya Bank
c) South Indian Bank
d) Bharatiya Mahila Bank

3. Which of the following products launched by most of the banks help farmers in getting instant credit for various agricultural purposes?
a) Kisan Credit Card
b) Personal loan
c) Business loan
d) Only (a) and (b)
e) None of the above

4. Banks have started opening biometric ATMs now. Such ATMs will prove most beneficial for
which of the following categories of customers?
a) Govt. employees
b) HNIs
c) NRIs
d) Students
e) Illiterate people

5. Which of the following institution provides long run finance to industries?
a) UTI
b) LIC
c) GIC
e) All of the above

6. In banking terminology the word "Co - obligant" means:
a) A person who has guaranteed the account of another person(s)
b) A person who has executed an indemnity bond in a bank's favour
c) A person who has assumed obligations of contract jointly with other person(s)
d) A person/ business undertaking opening a documentary letter of credit
e) None of the above

7. Which of following is the first such company of the country which offers services for the resolution of Non - performing assets upon acquisition from bankers?

8. Who among the following has been appointed as Executive Director of the RBI, replacing N.S.
Vishwanathan, who recently was elevated as Deputy Governor of the RBI?
a) M.D. Patra
b) Sudharshan Sen
c) Chandan Sinha
d) U.S. Paliwal
e) Deepali Pant Joshi

9. Account payee crossing is a direction of the drawer:
a) to collecting banker
b) to drawee banker
c) to payee
d) to all endorsees
e) paying Banker

10. Govt. proposes to do away the ___ for its fiscal affairs management from fiscal 2017-18.
a) Plan and Non - Plan classification
b) Revenue receipts and Capital receipts classification
c) Tax and non tax receipts classification
d) Only (a) and (b)
e) None of these

11. The advantages of securitization for a Bank is:
a) It provides liquidity to the issuing Bank
b) The Bank capital does not get blocked
c) Securitization proceeds can be used for fresh lending
d) Only (a) and (b)
e) (a), (b) and (c)

12. Example of the product line of a
Bank is:
a) Car loan b) Personal loan
c) Home loan
d) Mortgage loan
e) All of the above

13. As per Prevention of Money Laundering act, the banks are required to maintain record of transactions for a minimum period of ____ from date of cessation of the transaction.
a) 2 years
b) 5 years
c) 10 years
d) 20 years
e) 25 years

14. Statutory cash reserve ratio for scheduled banks is regulated by Reserve Bank of India under powers conferred upon it by?
a) Reserve Bank of India act, 1934
b) Banking Regulation act, 1949
c) Companies act, 1956
d) Union Ministry of Finance
e) Negotiable Instruments act, 1881

15. The commercial paper can be issued by:
a) All banks b) All corporate
c) All corporate with net worth of at Rs. 1 crore
d) All corporate with net worth of at least Rs. 4 crores
e) Other than those given as options

16. "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat" programme is meant for linking ___ to connect people through
exchanges in areas of language, trade, culture, travel and tourism:
a) States and Cities
b) States and Districts
c) Cities and Towns
d) Districts and Villages
e) None of the above

17. Grameen Bank and Micro Credit are associated with which person?
a) Manmohan Singh
b) Bill Gates
c) Md. Yunus
d) Aung San Su Ki
e) Acharya Vinobha Bhave

18. Many a time we read a term MSS in relation to banking transactions. What is the full form of MSS?
a) Money Stabilization Scheme
b) Market Stabilization Scheme
c) Maturity and Standardization Service
d) Money Stabilization Service
e) None of the above

19. RBI's open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate?
a) Liquidity in the economy
b) Prices of essential commodities
c) Inflation
d) Only (a) and (c)
e) (a), (b) and (c)

20. What is an Indian Depository Receipt (IDR)?
a) A deposit account with a Public Sector Bank
b) A deposit account with any of depositories in India
c) It is a financial instrument denominated in Indian currency and are issued by a domestic depository and the underlying equity
d) Shares are secured with a custodian
e) None of the above

21. Which among the following bank/ banks in India have set up the Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Centers?
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) Scheduled Commercial Banks
c) Foreign Banks working in India
e) None of the above

22. Which of the following bank was not nationalized in 1969?
a) Canara Bank
b) United Bank of India
c) UCO Bank
d) Punjab National Bank
e) Andhra Bank

23. Which of the following comes under RBI's quantitative measures?
a) Bank Rate Policy
b) Open Market Operation
c) Cash Reserve Ratio
d) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
e) All the above

24. Prior to the establishment of the Reserve Bank of India, the Government banking business was conducted by:
a) Bank of India
b) Central Bank of India
c) National Bank of India
d) Imperial Bank of India
e) Punjab National Bank

25. The assets of the banks will be classified as Standard, Sub-standard, Doubtful and Loss assets. Wherein assets which have remained NPA for a period less than or equal to 12 months, are termed as:
a) Substandard assets
b) Doubtful assets
c) Loss assets
d) Provisional assets
e) Other than those given as

26. Govt. has proposed to assist the Start-ups through ___ deduction of profits for 3 out of 5 years for startups set up during April 2016 to March 2019.
a) 40%
b) 60%
c) 80%
d) 25%
e) 100%

27. In banking parlance there are certain terms like Demand Deposits and Term Deposits. Term Deposits include:
a) Fixed deposits
b) Recurring deposits
c) Time liabilities portion of saving bank deposits
d) SDR (Short Term Deposits)
e) All of the above

28. Which of the following is not associated with risks related to risk management in banks?
a) Credit risk
b) Market risk
c) Profit risk
d) Operational risk
e) None of these

29. Which of the following is not an authorized mode in Banks to Transfer Money, Know the balance, in the account, etc.?
a) Online
b) Mobile
c) Phone
d) Video Conferencing
e) None of the above

30. A trust is a legal entity authenticated by a:
a) Title deed
b) Sale deed
c) Trust deed
d) Partnership deed
e) Power of attorney

31. Banks allow some important customers to withdraw without clear credit balance. Such facility is known as:
a) Zero Balance
b) Current Account
c) Overdraft
d) Demand draft
e) Promissory

32. To open a savings account in the name of a minor, we should ensure:
a) The person can independently read, write and sign
b) Only operated by self; either physical visits or through ATMs
c) An undertaking furnished by the major guardian
d) Only (a)
e) (a), (b) and (c)

33. Certificate of incorporation of a company is like a:
a) License
b) Permit
c) Clearance
d) Birth certificate
e) Statutory approval

34. To open the account of a public charitable trust, the key document required is:
a) Permission of Charity Commissioner
b) Permission of Local Authority
c) Permission of Court of Law
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

1) e 2) d 3) a 4) e 5) d 6) c 7) b 8) b 9) e 10) a
11) e 12) e 13) b 14) b 15) d 16) b 17) c 18) b 19) e 20) c
21) b 22) e 23) e 24) d 25) a 26) d 27) e 28) c 29) d 30) c
31) c 32) e 33) d 34) a


1. New Governor of RBI is .......
1) N.Viswanathan
2) Rakesh Mohan
3) Arundhathi Bhattacharya
4) Urjith Patel
5) Subhir Gokarn

2. On 25 August 2016 UPI launched by RBI which revolutionize peer to peer payments in the country, a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy. UPI stands for......
1) United Payments Interface
2) Unified Pay Interface
3) Unique Payments Interface
4) Union Payments Interface
5) Unified Payments Interface

3. Which of the following statements is wrong related to Unified Payments Interface (UPI)?
1) Currently in order to make payments in online, account number, account type, Bank name and IFSC code etc must be entered.
2) But once UPI introduced, interface allow account holders across banks to send and receive money from their smart phones using just their Aadhaar number, mobile number or virtual payments address without entering bank account details.
3) This facility not available to private banks.
4) To initiate a transaction one can use two types of address - global or local. The bank provides Virtual address similar to e-mail ID.
5) Virtual address will allow, sending and receiving money from multiple banks and prepaid payment issuers is possible.

4. The RBI has allowed only banks to become Payment Service Providers of UPI service and the Mobile wallets are worrying that their prominence may go away. In this context, which of the following is example for Mobile wallet?
1) Paytm
2) Freecharge
3) Mobikwik
4) Oxigen
5) All of above are the Mobile wallets

5. PhonePe, a Flipkart Group company and which bank launched UPI-based payment APP?
1) Yes Bank
2) ICICI Bank
3) Andhra Bank
4) Bank of India
5) Bank of Baroda

6. The benefit of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) system of transfer of money is....
1) immediate money transfer through mobile device round the clock 24 X 7 and 365 days.
2) single mobile application for accessing different bank accounts.
3) scheduling PUSH and PULL Payments for various purposes.
4) barcode (Scan and Pay) based payments
5) All of above are the unique benefits of UPI.

7. Which of the following statement is correct relating to the benefit for the banks, once UPI introduced?
1) Universal Application for transaction
2) Payment basis Single/ Unique Identifier
3) Possibility of seamless merchant transactions
4) Single click two factor authentication
5) All of above

8. Which of the following statement is correct relating to the benefit for the Merchants, once UPI introduced?
1) Suitable for e-Com & m-Com transaction
2) Tap customers not having credit/ debit
3) Seamless fund collection from customers - single identifiers
4) No risk of storing customer's virtual address like in Cards
5) All of above

9. Which of the following statement is correct relating to the benefit for the Merchants, once UPI (Unified Payments Interface) introduced?
1) Use of Virtual ID is more secure, no credential sharing
2) Single click authentication
3) Single Application for accessing different bank accounts
4) Raise complaint from Mobile App directly
5) All of above

10. The UPI supports which of the following transactions/ Services ?
1) It can do Pay Request. It means initiating customer is pushing funds to the intended beneficiary.
2) Collect Request is possible. It is a transaction where the customer is pulling funds from the intended remitter by using Virtual ID.
3) Generating OTP (One Time Password)
4) Generate/ change PIN
5) All of above transactions/ services available in UPI

11. Till now IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) is the faster mode of transfer of money. What is the additional benefit of UPI (Unified Payments Interface)?
1) Single click two factor authentication
2) Provides for a P2P Pull functionality
3) Single APP for money transfer
4) Simplifies Merchant Payments
5) All of above are the additional benefits of UPI

12. What is the present upper limit of fund transfer using UPI?
1) Rs.10,000
2) Rs.50,000
3) Rs.1 Lakh
4) Rs.2 Lakh
5) Rs.10 Lakh

13. The details of UPI given. Locate the wrong statement.
1) Bank customer needs to register with his/ her PSP (Payment Services Provider) before remitting funds using UPI and link his accounts.
2) Registration of Beneficiary is not required for transferring funds through UPI as the fund would be transferred on the basis of Virtual ID/ Account number and IFSC.
3) Customer cannot link a wallet to UPI, only bank accounts can be added.
4) One customer can use more than one UPI application on the same mobile and link both same as well as different accounts.
5) All of above correct statements

14. RBI constituted the Board for Payment and Settlement Systems in ....
1) 2008
2) 2007
3) 2005
4) 2011
5) 2012

15. NPCI initiated Unified Payments Interface. NPCI stands for ......
1) National Pay Corporation of India
2) National Payments Company of India
3) National Payments Corporation of Initiation
4) National Payments Corporation of India
5) Nodal Payments Corporation of India

16. NPCI is an umbrella organization for all retail payments system in India. It was incorporated in ......
1) 2010
2) 2011
3) 2009
4) 2008
5) 2013

17. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) headed by ........
1) Raghuram Rajan
2) Arundhathi Bhattacharya
3) K.R. Kamath
4) M.Balachandran
5) Urjith Patel

18. To take the banking services to every common man across the country, NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) launched ∗99# service. The ∗99# service worked on USSD channel. In this context, USSD stands for .........
1) Unity Supplementary Service Data
2) Unstructured Support Service Data
3) Unstructured Single Service Data
4) Unstructured Supplementary Simple Data
5) Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

19. ∗99# service introduced in the mobile phones for the inclusion of under banked society. It was launched by Narendra Modi on 28th August 2014 as part of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). Which service available under this service?
1) Check the balance
2) Fund transfer
3) Mini statement request
4) All of above services available
5) None of above service available

20. ∗99∗99# is a USSD based value added service from NPCI that facilitates the customers ........
1) to know the Rupee and Dollar reference rate.
2) to check the balance in their bank account at the end of last month.
3) to check the credit of TDS in his bank account after 30 September in every year.
4) to check the status of his/ her Aadhaar number seeding/ linking in the bank account.
5) to know whether the OD was granted under JDY account.

21. On 25 August 2016, RBI issued a notification regarding the loans to women Self Help Groups. Pick up wrong statement.
1) SHGs will be eligible for interest subvention on credit up to Rs.3 lakh.
2) The rate of Interest is at 7% per annum under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana- National Rural Livelihood Mission.
3) However SHGs availing capital subsidy under Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) in their existing credit outstanding will not be eligible for benefit under this scheme.
4) The banks lend to a women SHGs in 250 districts as per this notification.
5) All of above statements correct

22. Chillr and Federal Bank joined hands for cashless transactions. Chillr is a ....
1) Small Finance Bank
2) New Payment rank
3) Mobile banking application
4) HDFC bank subsidiary Co-ordinated mutual fund company
5) Insurance company

23. Which bank launched a payment service using a smart phone keyboard named 'iMobile SmartKeys' to make mobile payments easier?
1) Andhra Bank
2) SBI
3) ICICI Bank
5) Union Bank of India

24. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Navi Mumbai signed an agreement with SBI and Development Bank of Singapore for ECB to the tune $400 Million. In this context, the term ECB stands for .....
1) Exit Commercial Borrowing
2) Elective commercial Borrowing
3) External Commercial Board
4) Economical Commercial Borrowing
5) External Commercial Borrowing

25. 11th G - 20 summit concluded at....
1) Hangzhou of China
2) Tokyo of Japan
3) New Delhi of India
4) Rome of Italy
5) Ottawa of Canada

1-4, 2-5, 3-3, 4-5, 5-1, 6-5, 7-5, 8-5, 9-5, 10-5
11-5, 12-3, 13-5, 14-3, 15-4, 16-4, 17-4, 18-5, 19-4, 20-4, 21-5, 22-3, 23-3, 24-5, 25-1

Sunday, September 18, 2016


1. India was ranked 67th at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Which is the other country that was also ranked 67th?
1) Bulgaria
2) Venezuela
3) Mexico
4) Lithuania
5) Mongolia

2. The 14th edition of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas will be held in January 2017 in?
1) New Delhi
2) Bengalore
3) Jaipur
4) Hyderabad
5) Mumbai

3. The 13th India-European Union Summit was held on March 30, 2016 in?
1) New Delhi
2) Mumbai
3) Brussels
4) London
5) Paris

4. The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Disaster Management Centre
will be established in which of the following countries?
1) Nepal
2) Bangladesh
3) Maldives
4) India
5) Sri Lanka

5. Who was awarded the 2016 Abel Prize for mathematics?
1) Artur Avila
2) Manjul Bhargava
3) Louis Nirenberg
4) John Nash
5) Sir Andrew Wiles

6. Which football team won the 2016 African Nations Championship held in Rwanda?
1) Democratic Republic of Congo
2) Mali
3) Ivory Coast
4) Niger
5) Nigeria

7. Which country will host the 2018
African Nations Championship
football tournament?
1) Ivory Coast
2) Sudan
3) Tunisia
4) South Africa
5) Kenya

8. The 12th South Asian Games in February 2016 were co-hosted by?
1) Kolkata and Guwahati
2) Guwahati and Shillong
3) Agartala and Shillong
4) Agartala and Itanagar
5) Kolkata and Agartala

9. The 13th edition of the South Asian Games will be held in 2018 in which of the following countries?
1) Bhutan
2) Bangladesh
3) Nepal
4) Sri Lanka
5) Maldives

10. LAMITYE 2016 is a joint military training exercise between Indian Army and the Army of:
1) Maldives
2) France
3) Sri Lanka
4) Seychelles
5) Japan

11. Swami Vivekananda International Airport is located in?
1) Ranchi, Jharkhand
2) Cuttack, Odisha
3) Rajkot, Gujarat
4) Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
5) Raipur, Chhattisgarh

12. The Banks Board Bureau (BBB) will select the heads of:
1) Regional Rural Banks
2) Public Sector Banks
3) Private Sector Banks
4) Payments Banks
5) Small Finance Banks

13. The "Kishore" scheme under the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) offers maximum loan of:
1) Rs. 50,000
2) Rs. 2 lakh
3) Rs. 5 lakh
4) Rs 10. lakh
5) None of these

14. Indradhanush is a seven pronged plan to revamp:
1) Cooperative Banks
2) Microfinance Institutions
3) Private Sector Banks
4) Public Sector Banks
5) None of these

15. Which of the following Central Universities celebrated its 100th year in 2016?
1) University of Allahabad
2) Aligarh Muslim University
3) Visva Bharati University
4) University of Delhi
5) Banaras Hindu University

16. Safra Catz visited India recently. She is the Chief Executive Officer of:
1) IBM
2) Intel
3) Oracle
4) Yahoo
5) Facebook

17. Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR) is a premier agricultural research institute located in:
1) Hyderabad
2) Cuttack
3) Bangalore
4) Chennai
5) Nagpur

18. The National Deworming Day is observed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on:
1) March 5
2) March 10
3) February 5
4) January 25
5) February 10

19. Which of the following books is NOT written by Pranab Mukherjee?
1) The Turbulent Years: 1980- 1996
2) The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years
3) Thoughts and Reflections
4) Beyond Survival: Emerging Dimensions of Indian Economy
5) The Unseen Indira Gandhi

20. India participated for the first time in the Cobra Gold multilateral amphibious exercise hosted by:
1) China
2) Thailand
3) Pakistan
4) Philippines
5) Japan

21. "Setu Bharatam" is a central government program that aims at making all National Highways
railway level crossing free by the year:
1) 2019
2) 2020
3) 2021
4) 2022
5) 2025

22. The Mesabi Iron Range is the chief iron ore mining district in:
1) Brazil
2) USA
3) Australia
4) South Africa
5) Kenya

23. Who became the first civilian President of Myanmar after over 50 years of military rule on March 30, 2016?
1) Myint Swe
2) Henry Van Thio
3) Htin Kyaw
4) Thein Sein
5) None of these

24. Ahmed Aboul Gheit is the present Secretary General of the Arab League. He is former Foreign Minister of:
1) Morocco
2) Qatar
3) Tunisia
4) Egypt
5) Bahrain

25. Dominic Asquith is which country's High Commissioner to India?
1) Canada
2) New Zealand
3) Australia
4) Jamaica
5) UK

26. Tribhuvan International Airport is situated in:
1) Bangkok, Thailand
2) Colombo, Sri Lanka
3) Kathmandu, Nepal
4) Jakarta, Indonesia
5) Putrajaya, Malaysia

27. What is the currency of Mauritius?
1) Mauritius Riel
2) Mauritius Dollar
3) Mauritius Rupee
4) Mauritius Pound
5) None of these

28. Who has been appointed as the Chairperson of the 21st Law Commission?
1) Justice C.K. Prasad
2) Justice Cyriac Joseph
3) Justice N. Santosh Hegde
4) Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan
5) Justice Umesh Chandra Banerjee

29. Who won the 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize?
1) Wang Shu, China
2) Alejandro Aravena, Chile
3) Peter Zumthor, Switzerland
4) Kazuyo Sejima, Japan
5) None of these

30. Global Risks Report is an annual study published by the:
1) World Bank
2) International Monetary Fund
3) World Economic Forum
4) World Trade Organization
5) None of these

31. Who was appointed as the Chairman of Central Administrative Tribunal in March 2016?
1) Justice Permod Kohli
2) Justice Arun Tandon
3) Justice A.K. Mittal
4) Justice Ajay Tewari
5) Justice Jaswant Singh

32. "The High Mountains of Portugal" is a 2016 novel written by:
1) David Mitchell
2) Yann Martel
3) Graham Swift
4) Jerry Pinto
5) None of these

33. Lloyd S. Shapley of USA passed away on March 12, 2016. He won the 2012 Nobel Prize in:
1) Physics
2) Chemistry
3) Economics
4) Medicine
5) Literature

34. Who has been appointed the first Chairman of the Banks Board Bureau?
1) H.N. Sinor
2) R. Gandhi
3) Anil Kahandelwal
4) Vinod Rai
5) None of these

35. Andrew Holness is the present Prime Minister of:
1) Antigua
2) Barbados
3) Dominica
4) Saint Lucia
5) Jamaica

36. In March 2016, Barack Obama became the first US President in 88 years to visit which of the following countries?
1) Japan
2) Argentina
3) North Korea
4) Cuba
5) Libya

37. Which country topped the World Happiness Index, according to the World Happiness Report 2016?
1) Denmark
2) Canada
3) Iceland
4) Switzerland
5) Norway

38. What is India's rank in the World Happiness Index 2016?
1) 117
2) 118
3) 116
4) 121
5) 130

39. Martin Crowe died on March 3, 2016 at the age of 53. He was the greatest batsman of?
1) West Indies
2) Australia
3) New Zealand
4) South Africa
5) None of these

40. The 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves was held in March 2016 in:
1) Chile, Santiago
2) Ankara, Turkey
3) Brisbane, Australia
4) Lima, Peru
5) Jakarta, Indonesia

1) 5 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4 5) 5 6) 1 7) 5 8) 2 9) 3 10) 4
11) 5 12) 2 13) 3 14) 4 15) 5 16) 3 17) 1 18) 5 19) 5 20) 2
21) 1 22) 2 23) 3 24) 4 25) 5 26) 3 27) 3 28) 4 29) 2 30) 3
31) 1 32) 2 33) 3 34) 4 35) 5 36) 4 37) 1 38) 2 39) 3 40) 4

Friday, September 16, 2016


1. Who has been appointed as new Chairman of Central Silkboard?
A) Anil Agarwal
B) Anand Mahindra
C) Achyuts Samanta
D) K.M. Hanumantarayappa
E) Rangarajan

2. Who was appointed as Managing Director of State Bank of India?
A) Dinesh Kumar Khara
B) Sandeep Kumar Khara
C) Dilip Sagvi
D) Ashok Soota
E) Laxmi Mittal

3. Who has been selected for the 23rd Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award 2016?
A) Singer Shubha Mudgal
B) C. Ajit Kumar
C) R Naveen
D) L. Samayasri
E) Priyarshini

4. The 2016 Kabaddi World Cup will be hosted by which country?
A) Nepal
B) Bhutan
C) Bangladesh
D) Pakistan
E) India

5. Which has announced a 0.05% reduction in its Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)?
A) Axis Bank

6. World Bank has approved a ......... credit from the International Development Association (IDA) to support the Sri Lanka's economic reforms programme.
A) $10 million
B) $50 million
C) $100 million
D) $120 million
E) $80 million

7. ......... Bank tied up with a fintech start-up Fisdom for personal wealth management services.
A) Axis Bank

8. The main aim of SBI's certification program for officers who sanction loans to ...
A) Reduce NPA'S
B) Reach targets
C) Upgrade them
D) Increase the standards
E) None of these

9. 'Grassroots Innovation' book written by ......
A) Prof. Anil K. Gupta
B) Amitav Ghosh
C) Shashi Tharoor
D) Aravind Adiga
E) Vikram Seth

10. Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail has passed away recently. He belongs to which country?
A) Egypt
B) Spain
D) China
E) India

11. Which payments company recently announced the partnership with IRCTC's food app?
A) Mobikwik
B) Paytm
C) Freecharge
D) Post payment
E) Quicker

12. ICICI Bank ties up with Apollo India Credit Opportunity Management LLC and AION Capital Management to form .........
A) Bank Accurance
B) Payment Bank
C) Joint Venture
E) Asset Reconstruction Company

13. CBI has been made the nodal authority for banks to report high value frauds worth over ............ in public sector banks.
A) Rs.80 crore
B) Rs.50 crore
C) Rs.100 crore
D) Rs.55 crore
E) Rs.60 crore

14. IBM in partnership with ......... launched a global development hub called Garage for iOS apps
in Bengaluru.

15. Name the typhoon made its landfall near Dapeng Peninsula in China's Guangdong province?
A) Nida
B) Rina
C) Gert
D) Otto
E) Julia

16. German Engineering major Siemens Ltd. has received an order worth approximately Rs.217 crore for power project in which of the following country?
A) Pakistan
B) Myanmar
C) Nepal
D) Bangladesh
E) India

17. Which one of the following countries Cabinet approved a fresh economic stimulus package of worth more than $275 billions?
A) Canada
B) France
C) Norway
D) China
E) Japan

18. Which of the following country has assured India support for UNSC high seat?
A) Philippines
B) Vietnam
C) Malaysia
D) Indonesia
E) Thailand

19. Which state government has decided to recruit members of transgender community as warders in jails of the State?
A) Bihar
B) Kerala
C) Odisha
D) Maharashtra
E) Punjab

20. Central body approves .......... crore rupees for Ganga rejuvenation projects.
A) Rs.400 crore
B) Rs.425 crore
C) Rs.450 crore
D) Rs.475 crore
E) Rs.500 crore

21. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu recently lays foundation stone of broad-gage rail project in which state?
A) Mizoram
B) Nagaland
C) Haryana
D) Tripura
E) Meghalaya

22. Resolution for renaming of which high court passed recently by the state assembly?
A) Mumbai High Court
B) Kolkata High Court
C) Delhi High Court
D) Kerala High Court
E) Madras High Court

23. How many Jan Aushadhi Stores to be opened across India under Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana?
A) 1500
B) 2500
C) 3500
D) 4500
E) 3000

24. Former Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India Vinod Rai has stepped down from which private sector lender?

25. Yuriko Koike elected as ........ first female governor.
A) Moscow
B) Tokyo
C) Beijing
D) Shangai
E) None

26. Which state become the first state to approve sewage & waste water policy?
A) Nagaland
B) Rajasthan
C) Andhrapradesh
D) Gujarath
E) Odisa

27. Amazon launches fulfilment centre for prime deliveries in which city of india?
A) Pune
B) New Delhi
C) Bangalore
D) Chennai
E) Mumbai

28. Which university to perform world's CRISPR-Cas9 first genetic editing trial on humans aiming to cure lung cancer?
A) Sichuan University
B) Stanford University
C) Harvard University
D) University of Cambridge
E) University of Bristol

29. Which program is launched by the Minister of Communications Manoj Sinha for Telecom and Postal Service users can now file complaints with the government directly?
A) Twitter Sewa
B) Facebook Sewa
C) Twitter Jana
D) Facebook Jana
E) None

30. Which country has successfully launched its first mobile telecom satellite "Tiantong- 01"?
A) France
B) China
C) South Korea
D) Japan
E) Germany

31. Centre to organise 'Make in India' conference in which of the following city?
A) Bhubaneswar
B) Mumbai
C) Thiruvanthapuram
D) Bangalore
E) Nagpur

32. SAARC Immigration Authorities meeting held in which of the following city?
A) New Delhi
B) Islamabad
C) Kathmandu
D) Kabul
E) Dhaka

33. The National Handloom Day is celebrated on which day in India?
A) August 7
B) August 8
C) August 5
D) August 6
E) August 11

34. Who won the STAR Sports-ProKabaddi League 2016?
A) Patna Pirates
B) Telugu Titans
C) Jaipur Pink Panthers
D) Dabang Delhi
E) Bangalore Bulls

35. Vishu a Hindu festival celebrated in which of the following states?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Telangana
C) Kerala
D) Assam
E) Manipur

1-D, 2-A, 3-A, 4-E, 5-C, 6-C, 7-E, 8-A, 9-A, 10-A
11-A, 12-E, 13-B, 14-A, 15-A, 16-D, 17-E, 18-B, 19-C, 20-A
21-B, 22-E, 23-E, 24-E, 25-B, 26-B, 27-D, 28-A, 29-A, 30-B
31-A, 32-B, 33-A, 34-A, 35-C

Thursday, September 1, 2016

NABARD Recruitment of 85 Development Assistant

Applications are invited for the post of Development Assistants in National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Post Details: 
Development Assistant: 85 Posts 

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate & the knowledge of word processing on Computer.

Age Limit: Between 18 to 35 years as on 31.07.2016.

Scheme of Selection: The selection process will involve two phases viz. Preliminary and Main Exam. Both the exams will be held online. 

How to apply: Candidates may apply online through website.

Last date for online application: 20.09.2016.

For Notification Click Here

Online Application 


1. Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari sworn in as Chief Justice of .......... High Court.
A) Jaipur
B) Guwahati
C) Mumbai
D) Bhopal
E) Patna

2. Theresa May appointed Prime Minister of which of the following country?
A) France
B) Germany
C) Poland
D) United Kingdom
E) Brazil

3. Who won Ramon Magsaysay award for 2016?
A) T.M. Krishna
B) Bezwada Wilson
C) Arvind Kejriwal
D) Both A and B
E) None

4. Which states tourism won the gold at Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) awards?
A) Gujarat
B) Maharashtra
C) Kerala
D) Tamilnadu
E) Telangana

5. What is the maximum value of soiled currency notes which can be exchanged for free of charge?
A) 5000
B) 25000
C) 2000
D) 1000
E) None

6. Which of the following banks have become first Indian banks to join SWIFT's global payments innovation initiative?
A) ICICI Bank and Axis Bank
B) ICICI Bank and SBI
C) HDFC Bank and UCO Bank
D) SBI and Indian Bank
E) SBI and BOB

7. Who among the following will lead the Interregulatory Working Group on Fin Tech and Digital Banking?
A) N. Srinivasan
B) Sai Kumar
C) Sudarshan Sen
D) N.V. Swami
E) Bobby Jindal

8. Indian Railways has recently signed MoU with which of the following banks to promote rail ticketing?
B) UCO Bank
C) SBI Bank
D) Yes Bank
E) Axis Bank

9. "Who Moved My Interest Rate?" written by...
A) Ruskin Bond
B) Nayantara Sahgal
C) C. D. Deshmukh
D) Duvvuri Subbarao
E) Manmohan Singh

10. Amal Dutta has passed away recently he
belongs to which of the following sport?
A) Cricket
B) Hockey
C) Football
D) Chess
E) Golf

11. India has approved a $ 318 million loan for which country railways?
A) Nepal
B) Sri Lanka
C) Afghanistan
D) Myanmar
E) None

12. Myntra acquired which e-commerce portal?
A) Flipkart
B) Lifestyle
C) e- bay
D) Just buy
E) Jabong

13. e-marketplace web portal has been launched by which union ministry for goods procurement?
A) Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
B) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
C) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
D) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
E) None of these

14. Which of the following Indian Bank have been listed in the 2016 Fortune 500 list of the world's biggest corporations in terms of revenue?
A) SBI Bank
C) UCO Bank
D) Yes Bank
E) Axis Bank

15. Which of the following country has declared three-month state of emergency after a failed military coup to overthrow the democratically elected government?
A) Singapore
B) Turkey
C) Nepal
D) Qatar
E) Mexico

16. Madeira international airport to be named after?
A) Radamel Falcao
B) Lionel Messi
C) Cristiano Ronaldo
D) Andres Iniesta
E) Sergio Ramos

17. Fedor Konyukhov, has broken the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth in a hot air balloon in just over 11 days. He belongs which of the following country?
A) Cuba
B) Russia
C) Cyprus
D) Brunei
E) Bahrain

18. Government to set up committee to tackle shortage of pulses headed by ....
A) Narendra Modi
B) Arun Jaitley
C) Rajnath Singh
D) Harsh Vardhan
E) Prakash Javadekar

19. Union Cabinet approves disinvestment of .......... percent in National Buildings
Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC).
A) 10%
B) 15%
C) 20%
D) 25%
E) 12.5%

20. India and Nepal launched bus service between two connecting which of the following famous cities?
A) New Delhi and Kathmandu
B) New Delhi and Birgunj
C) New Delhi and Biratnagar
D) New Delhi and Patan
E) New Delhi and Pokhara

21. Railways launch time-tabled Auto Express between which of the following cities?
A) Gurgaon to Nidvanda
B) Mumbai to New Delhi
C) Mumbai to Ahmedabad
D) Gurgaon to Mumbai
E) Ahmedabad to New Delhi

22. India's first green train corridor opens in ....
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Maharashtra
C) Gujarat
D) Tamilnadu
E) Kerala

23. Who among the following named brand ambassador of the Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy in Australia?
A) Virat Kohli
B) MS Dhoni
C) Suresh Raina
D) Rohit Sharma
E) Shikar Dhawan

24. Who among the following is the highestpaid banker in India?
A) Chanda Kochhar
B) Aditya Puri
C) Shika Sharma
D) Sudarshan Sen
E) None

25. National Banana Research Centre to be set up in which state?
A) Tamilnadu
B) Kerala
C) Maharashtra
D) Karnataka
E) Bihar

26. India's first smart grid to setup in which of the following state?
A) Haryana
B) Gujarat
C) Rajasthan
D) Bihar
E) Sikkim

27. Microsoft introduced a new program aimed at growing Surface's footprint in the business called as ..........
A) Surface of motion
B) Surface as a platform
C) Surface as a service
D) Surface as a support
E) None

28. NASA is planned to give final design and construction of its next Mars Rover to be launched by which year?
A) 2019
B) 2020
C) 2017
D) 2018
E) 2022

29. Which country to conduct world's first Zika vaccine test on humans?
A) Thailand
B) Canada
C) France
D) China
E) South Korea

30. 9th edition of Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show to begin in which of the following city?
A) New Delhi
B) Mumbai
C) Bangalore
D) Hyderabad
E) Kolkata

31. A three-day meeting between Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has begun in......
A) Patna
B) Dispur
C) Hyderabad
D) Agartala
E) None

32. International Nelson Mandela Day is observed on which date?
A) July 28
B) July 17
C) July 18
D) July 15
E) July 22

33. Who won men's singles title of 2016 Wimbledon?
A) Andy Murrey
B) Rafael Nadal
C) Roger Federer
D) Novak Djokovic
E) Stan Wawrinka

34. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) called which of the following country to be completely banned from the Rio Olympics and other international sport?
A) Russia
B) China
D) India
E) Srilanka

35. Which state to geo-tag irrigation projects with the help of NRSA, Icrisat?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Telangana
C) Tamilnadu
D) Kerala
E) Karnataka

1-E, 2-D , 3-D, 4-C, 5-A, 6-A, 7-C, 8-C, 9-D, 10-C
11-B, 12-E, 13-C, 14-A, 15-B, 16-C, 17-B, 18-B, 19-B, 20-E
21-A, 22-D, 23-B, 24-B, 25-E, 26-A, 27-C, 28-B, 29-B, 30-A
31-D, 32-C, 33-A, 34-A, 35-B