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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bank Exam General Awareness

General awareness for bank po or bank clerk exam essentially tests the general knowledge of the candidate. General knowledge questions for bank exams generally span a variety of subjects like current affairs, history, geography etc. In current affairs for bank exam, there are certain questions that ask names of famous personalities or people who are currently in news. There are questions from politics, economics and world affairs also.
It is therefore very important to develop a continuous reading habit as it will keep you aware of the latest happenings around the country and the world.

  • Read the newspaper daily (preferably English as it will help you in the English section preparation also).
  • You may also go through yearbooks to get a concise picture of happenings in all fields.
  • As in Computer knowledge section, try as less guessing as possible. Attempt only if you feel you may know the answer.
  • We will mail you all the latest news articles which may be important through your registered mail id-you may refer them too.
  • Remember that the general awareness or current affairs section cannot be prepared overnight and so make it a practice to read for sometime on a daily basis.
  • This section may be studied even while you are taking a break from studying other sections.
  • Keep a note of the all important news items-just headlines will be enough, so that it is easier to revise.
  • Keep a note of all personalities in the news recently both in India and world affairs also.