Sunday, December 22, 2013


1. C.V.R. Rajendran became the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of which of the following public sector banks on December 13, 2013?
     1) Indian Bank
     2) Syndicate Bank
     3) Andhra Bank
     4) Vijaya Bank
     5) Canara Bank
 2.    Michelle Bachelet was elected the President of which of the following South American countries for the second time in December 2013? (She will take office on March 11, 2014)
     1) Uruguay    
2) Chile
     3) Argentina     
4) Paraguay
     5) Bolivia
 3.    Pakistan appointed which of the following diplomats as its new High Commissioner to India on December 19, 2013?
     1) Syed Ibne Abbas
     2) Jalil Abbas Jilani
     3) Abdul Basit
     4) Aizaz Chaudhry
     5) Salman Bashir
 4.    Who took over as the Chairman of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) on December 19, 2013? (He succeeded Prakash Bakshi)
     1) L.C. Goyal     
2) R.S. Butola
     3) D.K. Mehrotra
     4) Harsh Kumar Bhanwala
     5) Sudhir Vasudeva
 5.    Which cricketer will receive the Col. C. K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013?
     1) Mohinder Amarnath
     2) B.S. Bedi
     3) S. Venkataraghavan
     4) Sunil Gavaskar
     5) Kapil Dev
 6.    Which country won the Men's Hockey Junior World Cup title at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi for a record sixth time on December 15, 2013?
     1) Germany     
2) France
     3) Argentina     
4) Spain
     5) Canada
 7.    Sis Ram Ola passed away on December 15, 2013. At the time of his death he was the Union Minister of?
     1) Water Resources
     2)    Tribal Affairs and Panchayat Raj
     3) Mines
     4) Labor and Employment
     5)    Social Justice and Empowerment
 8.    Ursula von der Leyen was appointed the first female Minister of Defense of which of the following countries on December 17, 2013?
     1) France     
2) Spain
     3) Germany     
4) Argentina
     5) Portugal
 9.    Who took over as the Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Maharashtra on November 9, 2013?
     1) S.L. Bansal
     2) Sushil Muhnot
     3) D.P. Singh     
4) M. Narendra
     5) M.D. Mallya
 10.    The Reserve Bank of India in its mid-quarter monetary policy review, announced on December 18, 2013, kept the repo rate unchanged at?
     1) 8.75%    
2) 8.5%
     3) 7.5%     
4) 7.75%
     5) 7.25%
 11.    Which is India's most admired company, as per a Fortune magazine list released in July 2013?
     1) Tata Consultancy Services
     2) Hindustan Unilever
     3) ITC    
4) Infosys
     5) State Bank of India
 12.    Chris Martin retired recently from international Cricket. He played 71 Tests for?
     1) South Africa     
2) Australia
     3) West Indies     
4) New Zealand
     5) England
 13.    Who is the World's Most Powerful Musician, according to the Forbes Magazine's 2013 list?
     1) Lady Gaga     
2) Beyonce
     3) Madonna     
4) Britney Spears
     5) None of these
 14.    Tshering Tobgay assumed office as the Prime Minister of which of the following countries on July 30, 2013?
     1) Vietnam     
2) Myanmar
     3) Bhutan    
 4) Laos
     5) South Korea
 15.    Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest, has been conferred with 'Virangana Lakshmibai Rashtriya Samman 2013-14' by the Government of?
     1) Bihar     
2) Jharkhand
     3) Haryana     
4) Uttar Pradesh
     5) Madhya Pradesh
 16.    Sunabeda Tiger Reserve is located in the Nuapada district of?
     1) Karnataka     
2) Odisha
     3) West Bengal     
4) Assam
     5) Gujarat
 17.    Which two countries together hold about 90 per cent of the world's nuclear weapons?
     1) Russia and USA
     2) USA and China
     3) USA and India
     4) USA and Australia
     5) Japan and Russia
 18.    China topped the medals tally at the Asian Athletics Championship held in Pune in July 2013. What is India's rank?
     1) Second     
2) Fourth
     3) Third     
4) Fifth
     5) Sixth
 19.    In the event of recalibration of the Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) of the Reserve Bank of India, which of the following rates gets automatically readjusted?
     1) Bank Rate     
2) Repo Rate
     3) Reverse Repo Rate
     4) Base Rate
     5) Prime Lending Rate
 20.    Moscow hosted which of the following Summits on July 19, 2013?
     1) G20     
2) G8
     3) BRICS
     4) G20 Ministers of Finance
     5)    Shanghai Cooperation Organization
 21.    The Shura Council is the upper house of the Parliament of?
     1) Egypt     
2) Pakistan
     3) Bangladesh     
4) Afghanistan
     5) Syria
 22.    India is developing new climate-resilient varieties of rice and wheat with?
     1) Russia and USA
     2) Russia and Bangladesh
     3) Russia and Japan
     4) Australia and USA
     5) Australia and Russia
 23.    Sudirman Cup is the world mixed team badminton championship which takes place every?
     1) Year    
2) Two years
     3) Three years    
 4) Four years
     5) None of these
 24.    Who is the author of the book "Walking with Lions: Tales from a Diplomatic Past"?
     1) Shashi Tharoor
     2) Hamid Ansari
     3) K. Natwar Singh
     4) Salman Khurshid
     5) George Fernandes
 25.    Tata Steel has acquired majority stake in Labrador Iron Mines (LIM) for rupees 163 crore. LIM is based in?
     1) USA     
2) UK
     3) Germany     
4) Canada
     5) Mexico
 26.    Which company bagged the title sponsorship of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2013 for the next five years?
     1) DLF    
2) Reliance
     3) PepsiCo      
4) Hero
     5) Essar
 27.    Which of the following companies launched 'ElitePad 900', a Windows 8 tablet, in India?
     1) Lenovo     
2) Dell
     3) Microsoft
     4) Hewlett Packard
     5) Samsung
 28. Who is the present Lt. Governor of Delhi?
     1) A.K. Singh    
2) B.S. Bhalla
     3) Najeeb Jung
     4) Virendra Kataria
     5) None of these
 29.    Douglas Engelbart of USA pass-ed away recently. He invented?
     1) Computer     
2) Keyboard
     3) Monitor    
4) Computer mouse
     5) Hard drive disk
 30.    Which country was ranked the world's happiest nation among developed economies for the third consecutive year in the Better Life Index compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)?
     1) Australia     
2) Sweden
     3) Canada     
4) Norway
     5) Switzerland
 31.    India has offered US $ 150 million of credit for project exports for establishing a Special Economic Zone at Sittwe in?
     1) Afghanistan     
2) Myanmar
     3) Sri Lanka     
4) Nepal
     5) Bhutan
 32.    India's highest Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) will be set up at Nyoma at a height of about 14,000 feet. Nyoma is in?
     1) Sikkim     
2) Assam
     3) Himachal Pradesh
     4) Jammu& Kashmir
     5) Arunachal Pradesh
 33.    Kerberos and Styx are the moons of?
     1) Uranus     
2) Neptune
     3) Pluto     
4) Jupiter
     5) Saturn
 34.    The Early Tsunami Warning System (ETWS) was installed recently at Rangachang in?
     1) Daman and Diu
     2) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
     3) Lakshadweep
     4) Puduchery    
5) Tamil Nadu
 35.    Which three-times world table tennis champion from China, popularly known as the 'Architect of Ping-Pong Diplomacy', died recently?
     1) Li Furong
     2) Zhuang Zedong
     3) Liang Geliang
     4) Xi Enting     
5) Li Ping
 36.    The government has proposed to run special luxury coach to provide high-level comfort to travelers which is called?
     1) Anubhuti coach
     2) Sampurna coach
     3) Suraksha coach
     4) Duronto coach
     5) None of these
 37.    Which of the following banks has acquired 30% stake in Metlife India Insurance?
     1) State Bank of India
     2) Punjab National Bank
     3) Bank of Baroda
     4) Indian Overseas Bank
     5) Syndicate Bank
 38.    Who is the Chairman of the committee that has been appointed to re-start 215 large projects worth over rupees 7 lakh crore that have been stalled for various reasons?
     1) T. Damodaran
     2) N. Chandrasekhar
     3) Usha Thorat
     4) C. Rangarajan
     5) Anil Swarup
 39.    Who, among the following journalists, was given the prestigious Prem Bhatia Award for Political Reporting 2013?
     1) Shalini Singh
     2) Smita Gupta
     3) Pallavi Aiyar
     4) Meena Menon
     5) Neena Vyas
 40.    "The Race of My Life" is the autobiography of?
     1) P.T. Usha
     2) Shiny Abraham
     3) Usain Bolt
     4) Milkha Singh
     5) Carl Lewis
     1) 3        2) 2      3) 3      4) 4      5) 5         6) 1      7) 4      8) 3      9) 2    10) 4
     11) 1    12) 4    13) 1    14) 3    15) 5       16) 2    17) 1    18) 5    19) 1    20) 4
     21) 1    22) 4    23) 2    24) 3    25) 4       26) 3    27) 4    28) 3    29) 4    30) 1
     31) 2    32) 4    33) 3    34) 2    35) 2       36) 1    37) 2    38) 5    39) 1    40) 4


1. Who among the following is not the Governor of any state in India?
1) Nirbhay Sharma
2) Shekhar Dutt
3) Lalthanhawla
4) Kamla Beniwal
5) Hansraj Bhardwaj

2. On 2 November 2013, India and Vietnam made a treaty relates to ....
1) export of food grains
2) establishment of factories in river beds
3) cyber security
4) green revolution in dry areas
5) transfer of sentenced prisoners in the jails in two countries

3. President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is?
1) Suma Chakrabarti
2) Takehiko Nakao
3) Jin-Yong Cai
4) Keiko Honda
5) None

4. The bank covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006 is..
1) Scheduled Public Sector Banks
2) Scheduled Private Sector Banks
3) Regional Rural Banks
4) Scheduled Primary Co-operative Banks
5) All of above

5. Banking ombudsman is a senior official appointed by....
1) Finance Minister
2) RBI
5) None

6. As per the present rules, any person can file a compliant before the Banking ombudsman, if the satisfied reply is not received from the bank within a period of....
1) one month
2) three months
3) two months
4) six months
5) None

7. When the ombudsman rejects the compliant of the customer ...?
1) if the customer does not approach the bank first.
2) one has not made the complaint within one year from the date one has received the reply of the bank or if no reply is received if it is more than one year and one month from the date of representation to the bank.
3) subject matter of the complaint is pending for disposal/ has already been dealt with at any other forum like court of law, consumer court.
4) complaint is frivolous or vexatious.
5) In all above cases, the ombudsman will not accept the compliant from customer.

8. The fee collected by ombudsman to take compliant from the customer?
1) Rs. 5
2) Rs.100
3) Rs.10
4) fix by the bank
5) No fee collects by the ombudsman

9. The ombudsman take the compliant and can take action if .....
1) non-payment or delay in payment of inward remittances.
2) non-credit of proceeds to parties accounts, non-payment of deposit or nonobservance of the Reserve Bank directives.
3) not accepting the legal tender and or for charging of commission in respect thereof.
4) inordinate delay in the payment or collection of cheques, drafts, bills.
5) In the all above cases the ombudsman take action.

10. When the ombudsman take action against the bank?
1) collecting charges without adequate prior notice to the customer.
2) refusal to accept or delay in accepting payment towards taxes, as required by government.
3) refusal to close or delay in closing the accounts.
4) non-observance of Reserve Bank guidelines on engagement of recovery agents by banks.
5) In the above all cases, ombudsman take action.

11. If any customer not satisfied with ombudsman compliant, the next appellate authority is .....
1) Governor, RBI
2) Governor of that State
3) Finance Minister of India
4) Deputy Governor of RBI
5) President of India

12. Which of the following awards not conferred on Nelson Mandela?
1) Nobel Peace Prize
2) Bhart Ratna
3) Tagore Award For Cultural Harmony
4) International Gandhi Peace Prize for social, economic and political transformation
5) Presidential Award of Freedom of USA

13. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, Finance Commission (FC) established?
1) 280
2) 14
3) 368
4) 370
5) 21

14. Finance Commission established for every...?
1) 5 years
2) 10 years
3) 4 years
4) 7 years
5) None

15. Which of the following is not the function of Finance Commission?
1) Distribution of net proceeds of taxes between Centre and the States.
2) Determine factors governing Grants-in Aid to the states.
3) Lending to foreign countries by Central government.
4) Recommending to President to increase the Consolidated Fund of a State.
5) None

16. First Finance Commission Chairman is K.C. Neogy. The 13th Finance Commission chairman is ....
1) Vijay.C.Kelkar
2) C. Rangarajan
3) K. Santhanam
4) K.C. Pant
5) None

17. Operational duration of 13th Finance commission is .....
1) 2007 - 12
2) 2009 - 14
3) 2013 - 18
4) 2014 - 18
5) 2010 - 15

18. The recommendation of 13th Finance Commission is .....
1) Share of states in the net proceeds of the shareable Central taxes should be 32%.
2) Revenue deficit to be progressively reduced and eliminated, followed by revenue surplus by 2013 - 14.
3) Fiscal deficit to be reduced to 3% of the GDP by 2014 - 15.
4) Initiatives to reduce the number of Central Sponsored Schemes (CSS).
5) All of above

19. 14th Finance Commission headed by...
1) Y.V. Reddy
2) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
3) U.K.Sinha
4) Raghuram Rajan
5) None

20. Who is the founder of Central Bank of India?
1) Annie Besant
2) Jawahar Lal Nehru
3) Sorabji Pochkhanawala
4) Mahatma Gandhi
5) Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah

21. Reserve Bank of India formed on the recommendations of ....
1) Keynes Commission
2) O.V. Smith Committee
3) Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance
4) Kelkar Committee
5) None

22. Banking Regulation Act was passed in...
1) 1935
2) 1949
3) 1945
4) 1956
5) 1971

23. On which date, 14 banks were nationalized in 1969 by Indira Gandhi?
1) 19th February
2) 19th January
3) 19th August
4) 19th June
5) 19th July

24. Pick the bank that not nationalized in 1969.
1) Corporation Bank
2) Bank of India
3) Bank of Baroda
4) Central Bank of India
5) Dena bank

25. Which nationalized bank was merged with Punjab National Bank on 4th September
1) Bank of India
2) Andhra Bank
3) New Bank of India
4) Syndicate Bank
5) Union Bank of India

26. On which banks the RBI has partial control?
1) Public Sector Banks
2) Private Sector Banks
3) EXIM bank
4) Foreign Banks
5) Co-operative Banks

27. Cheque system was introduced first time by ........... in 1784.
1) Baroda Pethi Bank
2) Punjab National Bank
3) Bengal Bank
4) Maharaja Bank
5) Bank of Madras

28. First RRB in India to launch RuPay Debit Card in India is .....
1) Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank, Varanasi (UP).
2) Deccan Gramin Bank, Hyderabad (AP).
3) Samastipur Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Samasitpur (Bihar).
4) Visveshvaraya Grameena Bank, Mandya (Karnataka).
5) Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank, Berhampur (West Bengal).

29. From 1 December 2013, what is the new order of RBI regarding the Point of Sales terminals (POS)?
1) Customers should punch PIN number of Debit Card.
2) Customers should not buy more than Rs.10,000 at POS.
3) Customers should not swipe more than once in a day.
4) Customers should not show card expiry date to the Shop keeper.
5) None

30. On 29 November 2013, RBI extended the freedom given to banks for setting rate of interest on NRE deposits till .....
1) 31 January 2015
2) 31 December 2013
3) 31 August 2014
4) 30 November 2014
5) 31 January 2014

31. As per the order of RBI on 28th November 2013, NBFC can hold more than .... percent in insurance joint ventures?
1) 50
2) 74
3) 49
4) 24
5) 20

32. On 25 November 2013, under the label of 'Social and Commercial Infrastructure', which new sub category included?
1) Agriculture warehouses having capacity to store 200 tonnes.
2) SME hubs
3) Railway projects worth of Rs.500 crores
4) Drinking water tanks construction
5) Hotels with project cost of more than 200 crores of any star rating.

33. 2013-14 second Quarter GDP increased by....
1) 5.2%
2) 4.8%
3) 4.4%
4) 5.4%
5) 10.1%


1-3, 2-5, 3-1, 4-5, 5-2, 6-1, 7-5, 8-5, 9-5, 10-5,
11-4, 12-3, 13-1, 14-1, 15-3, 16-1, 17-5, 18-5, 19-1, 20-3
21-3, 22-2, 23-5, 24-1, 25-3, 26-5, 27-3, 28-1, 29-1, 30-5, 31-1, 32-5, 33-2.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


1.    At present, Which of the following bank's (largest  share-holding 82.23%) is still held by Government?
     a) Union Bank of India
     b) United Bank of India
     c) Uco  Bank
     d) Punjab National Bank
     e) None of the above
 2.    The existing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Policy is modified  recently.  Important features are?
 a)    Unlisted companies can also  raise capital  abroad
 b)    No prior permission is required to raise capital abroad
 c)    No permission is also required for subsequent listing in India
 d)    The above provisions are allowed initially for a period of two years only.
 e)    All the above
 3.    At present public sector banks are offering  4% interest on Savings Bank Deposits, whereas  Bharatiya Mahila Bank  is offering?
 a)    4.5% on all the deposits in SB portfolio.
 b)    4.25% on all the deposits in SB portfolio
 c)    2% excess interest to Mahila Senior Citizens
 d)    4.5% on SB balances utto Rs 1.00 lakh and 5% on balances above Rs 1.00 lakh
 e)    All the above
 4.    In case of delay in providing credit under RTGS, the beneficiary bank has to pay compensation at current __ to the beneficiary customer per day?
     a) Repo Rate+2%    
b) Repo Rate
     c) Repo Rate + 3%    
d) Bank Rate
     e) None of the above
 5.    As per the provision of Companies Act 2013. What is the minimum paid up capital of a private company?
     a) Rs 1.00 lac    
b) Rs 2.00 lac
     c) Rs 3.00 lac    
d) Rs 4.00 lac
     e) Rs 1.00 Crore
 6.    In NEFT Unique transaction Reference (UTR) is a ______ character number?
     a) 20            
b) 16   
 c) 26    
d) 30            
e) 11
 7.    Which of the following agencies, is empowered to frame rules specifying the period of preser-vation of records & instruments by a banking company?
     a) Reserve Bank of India
     b) Central Government
     c) Competent court
     d) Indian Banks Association
     e) None of the above
 8.    Which of the following orders, the RBI may pass when the affairs of a banking company are detrimental to the interest of public?
 a)    To call any officer of the Bank to discuss the matter with RBI officials
 b)    RBI may depute its officer to watch the proceedings at any meeting of the Board of Directors
 c)    To instruct Banking company to make within specified time the changes in the manage-ment
 d)    None of the above
 e)    All the above
 9.    Which of the following state-ments is not correct in connection with interest on loans & advances?
 a)    The bank may waives the part or full of interest charged to a borrower
 b)    The bank has liberty to provide interest free loan to a borrower
 c)    In case the interest charged by the bank is not inconformity with the rate prescribed     by the RBI, the court may disallow such excess interest
 d)    The bank can charge the interest below the prime lending rate
 e)    All the above
 10.    Which of the following is not correct regarding selective credit control?
 a)    Bank loans extended to speculators to hoard goods will lead to inflation
 b)    Bank credit to consumers to raise demand for durable consumer goods will also lead    to inflation
 c)    The commodities are selected at random
 d)    Selective credit controls are used to control inflationary pressure
 e)    All the above
 11.    Which of the following guide-lines are applicable in connection with shortfall in lending to priority sector?
 a)    An equivalent amount of shortfall under agriculture sector should be invested with RIDF
 b)    Any shortfall in achieving sub-target under SSI sector, an equivalent amount should be invested with SIDBI
 c)    Interest of RIDF investment is payable at 40%
 d)    None of the aboe
 e)    All the above
 12.    Which of the following is the description of a Fixed Deposit Receipt?
 a)    It is a Negotiable Instrument
 b)    It is a  document of Title to Goods
 c)    It is a transferable Instrument
 d)    It is a undertaking to indemnity
 e)    A Not Negotiable and Transferable instrument
 13.    In a Company, the registration of charges is required for?
     a) Loan against FD
     b) Lien on Govt. Securities
     c) Book Debts
     d) Loan against Shares
     e) All the above
 14.    KYC guidelines have been framed on the basis of four core components. Which of the follo-wing in not core component?
 a)    Customer Acceptance Procedure
 b)    Customer Identification Procedure
 c)    Monitoring of Transaction
 d)    Risk Management
 e)    Management of Operational risk
 15.    In Flying Club a/c, cheque signed by the Secretary is received after his death. Whether it is payable?
 a)    It will be paid
 b)    It should not be dated subse-quent to date of death.
 c)    Both a & b
 d)    Cannot be paid
 e)    Can be Paid at the discretion of Branch Manager
 16.    In Internet banking, without involving another bank, what can be done?
 a)    FD can be issued
 b)    Intimation regarding LC
 c)    Issue of cheque
 d)    Customer funds can be transferred
 e)    None of the above
 17.    Payment of interest on Savings Bank accounts by Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) would be calculated on a ______ with effect from April 1, 2010?
 a)    Minimum balance between 10th and the last date
 b)    Daily product basis
 c)    Maximum balance between 10th and the last date
 d)    No interest payable from 1st April 2010.
 e)    None of the above
 18.    Banks print Cheque books having similar particulars. The format of Cheque is prescribed by which Act?
 a)    N.I. Act 1881
 b)    It is a Practice / Customs and Usage
 c)    Transfer of Property Act
 d)    Sale of Goods Act
 e)    None of the above
 19.    Claim payable under the CGTMSE credit guarantee scheme to a women entrepreneur whose loan amount in default is Rs. 80 lac is __ lac?
     a) 40        
b) 50
     c) 55        
d) 60    
 20.    One of the following is not a characteristic of Cash Credit?
 a)    There will be series of disbursements and repayments
 b)    Stock statements are to be submitted periodically
 c)    Cheque book facility is given
 d)    Interest is debited to the account periodically
 e)    All the above
 21.    Break Even Point indicates the level of a business activity where?
     a) The business breaks down
     b) All costs are recovered.
     c) Projected profits are recovered  
     d) Fixed costs are recovered
     e) None of the above
 22.    Section 42(1) of RBI Act 1934 deals with which of the following
     important ratios?
     a) Cash Reserve Ratio
     b) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
     c) Credit Deposit Ratio
     d) Debt Equity Ratio
     e) None of the above
 23.    IBPC stands for?
 a)    Inter Bank Principal code
 b)    International Bank for Petro Chemicals
 c)    Inter Bank Participation Certificate
 d)    Inter Bank Personal clearing
 e)    None of the above
 24.    A 3 years Term Deposit Receipt was originally issued in the name A who nominated 'B'. as nominee. Subsequently, B's name was deleted and C's name was added. After one year B's name is deleted and D's name is added?
 a)    Accept the request and act accordingly as nomination can be changed any number of times.
 b)    Not accept the request as change of name is permitted only once.
 c)    Accept, provided B also gives consent
 d)    Not accept as RBI directives prohibit such a change
 e)    Nomination can be changed only twice.
 25.    Financial assistance for the activity which is not considered indirect finance to agriculture is?
     a) Agro service centre
     b) Loans to Electricity Boards
 c)    Finance to primary agricultural societies
     d) Bio gas     
     e) None of these
   1. b      2. e       3. d      4. a       5. a         6. b       7. b      8. e     9. b    10. c
 11. e     12. e    13. c    14. e     15. c      16. d    17. b    18. b    19. c    20. d
 21. b    22. a    23. c    24. a    25. d