Thursday, November 28, 2013


1.    What is the current MSF (Mar ginal Standing Facility) rate of RBI?
     a) 8.75%   
b) 9.00%     
c) 8.50%    
d) 9.25%  
e) None of the above
 2.    What are the charges for an Inward NEFT transaction to be paid by the Customer receiving the Funds?
     a) 1% of the Amount with a maximum of 250/-
     b)    NIL
     c)    10% of the Amount with a maximum of 2500/-
     d)    10%of the Amount with a maximum of 1500/-
     e)    None of the above
 3.    Wall Street is to USA what-
     a) Dalal Street is to India
     b) 10, Janpath is to India
     c) 7 Racecourse Road is to India
     d) Rajpath is to India
     e) None of the above
 4.    What is a Blue Chip in Stock Market terms?
     a)    Share of a Company dealing in Bottled Water business
     b)    Share of a Company dealing in Sea Food business
     c)    Share of a Company which is Financially sound
     d)    Share of a Company which is running losses
     e)    None of the above
 5.    What is the Rate of Interest paid by RBI to Banks on their CRR Balances with RBI?
     a) No Interest paid
     b) 3.5%
     c) 4 % less than the Repo Rate
     d) 4% less than the MSF Rate
     e) None of the above
 6.    National Food Security Bill 2013 aims to provide to each eligible person at subsidized rates, a minimum of?
     a)    50Kgs of Food grains per month
     b)    10Kgs of Food grains per month
     c)    25Kgs of Food grains per month
     d)    5Kgs of Food grains per month
     e)    None of the above
 7.    Indians & Indian Firms can not make investments in which of the following Countries?
     a) Canada   
b) UK   
c) Pakistan    
d) USA       
e) None
 8.    Who is the First Female Presi- dent of FICCI? She is also the First Indian Woman to graduate from Harvard Business School?
     a) Naina Lal Kidwai
     b) Chanda Kochar
     c) Arundhathi Bhattacharya
     d) Shymala Gopinath
     e) None of the above
 9.    What is India's place in Ran-kings related to Ease of Doing Business as per a Study conducted by World Bank& Inter national Finance Corporation (IFC)?
     a) 1st  of 189    
b) 174 out of 189
     c) 134 out of 189
     d) 154 out of 189
     e) None of the above
 10.    What is Bridge Finance?
     a)    Short  term loan given for Bridge construction Projects
     b)    Short term loan given pending sanction of  long term Finance
     c)    Short term loan given for bridging shortage of Food grains
     d)    Short term loan given for bridging shortage of Edible Oils
     e)    None of the above
 11.    Banks use LIBOR as base for Foreign Credit Interest Rates. What does LIBOR stand for?
     a) London Interbank Offered Rate
     b) Lloyds  Interest Offered Rate
     c) Leadbank Interest Offered Rate
     d) Lowest Interest Offered Rate
     e) None of the above
 12.    European Union is an Econo mic & Political union of some European Countries. Which of the following is NOT a member of European Union?
     a) United Kingdom(UK)
     b) Russia       
c) Switzerland
     d) 'a'&'c' of the above
     e) 'b'&'c' of the above
 13.    Financial Inclusion is one of the major initiatives taken by the Govt of India with regard to spreading Banking services to the people in unbanked areas.  Who headed the Com- mittee on Financial Inclusion whose recommendations were given in 2008?
     a) Kirit Parikh    
b) V K Shunglu
     c) Bimal Jalan    
d) C Rangarajan
     e) Kaushik Basu
 14.    What are the Pro-Women measures announced in the Annual Budget 2013-14?
     a)    Setting up of 'Nirbhaya Fund' for Safety and Security of Women
     b)    Setting up of a Committee for empowerment of Women
     c)    Setting up of a Public Sector Women's Bank
     d)    Setting up of a separate Fund for financing women entrepreneurs
     e)    'a' & 'c' of the above
 15.    Govt of India announced 2 new Major Ports to be constructed which will be notified under the Indian Ports Act 1908.  In which States these would be set up?
     a) Maharashtra & Gujarat
     b) Tamilnadu & Orissa
     c) Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal
     d) Karnataka & Kerala
     e) None of the above
 16.    Who is the current Chairman of SEBI?
     a) U K Sinha    
b) Y V Reddy
     c) S Damodaran
     d) Bimal Jalan     
e) None
 17.    The First Land-less Free District in the Country where every Family owns a piece of Land is?
     a) East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh
     b) Ludhiana in Panjab
     c) Madhurai in Tamilnadu
     d) Kannur in Kerala
     e) Rohtak in Haryana
 18.    How many Branches the newly formed all Women Bank  Bharatiya Mahila Bank proposes to have by March 31st, 2014?
     a) 25           
b) 100        
c) 1       
     d) 50        
e) None
 19.    As per Company Act 2013 what is the minimum number of members required to form a Private Limited Company?
     a) 7     
b) 2     
c) 1    
d) 12    
e) 5
 20.    Who is appointed as the First Female Managing Director (MD) of LIC of India?
     a) Usha Sangwan
     b) Arundadhati Bhattacharya
     c) Chanda Kochar
     d) Naina Lal Kidwai
     e) None of the above
 21.    What is the relationship bet- ween a Bank and it's Depo-sitor?
     a) Agent - Principal
     b) Debtor - Creditor
     c) Trustee - Beneficiary
     d) Indemnifier    - Indemnified
     e) Guarantor - Guaranteed
 22.    Who signs a 10/- Rupee Note?
     a) Finance Minister
     b) SBI Chairman
     c) RBI Governor
     d) Prime Minister
     e) None of the above
 23.    What is the Official Currency of Russia?
     a) Russian Rouble
     b) Russian Kopek
     c) Russian Dollar
     d) Russian Peso
     e) None of the above
 24.    When the cost of Vegetables and Food grains almost doubles in Three Months, it can be assumed that the Economy is in a state of?
     a) Deflation       
b) Inflation
     c) Contraction     
d) Stagflation
     e) Stable
 25.    Banks do not issue Cheque Books to which of the following Accounts?
     a) Fixed Deposit Account
     b) Minor Self Operated Savings Account
     c) Recurring Deposit Account
     d) 'b'&'c' of the above
     e) 'a','b'&'c' of the above
 26.    Buy now, Pay now refers to?
     a) Credit Card   
b) Debit Card
     c) Fixed Deposit
     d) 'a'&'c' of the above
     e) None of the above
 27.    Two Associate Banks, State Bank of Saurashtra & State Bank of Indore were earlier merged with SBI. At present SBI has got how many Associate Banks?
     a) Three       
b) Seven
     c) Five    
d) Four    
e) Six
 28.    Hangseng is?
     a) Taiwan Stock Exchange Index
     b) Hong Kong Stock Exchange Index
     c) South Korea Stock Exchange     Index
     d) Central Bank of Hong Kong
     e) None of the above
 29.    RBI derives it's powers to Print Currency Notes from the?
     a) RBI(Reserve Bank of India) Act 1934
     b) NI(Negotiable Instruments) Act 1881
     c) BR(Banking Regulation) Act  1949
     d) Coinage Act 1906
     e) None of the above
 30.    Who has been elected as a member of (United Nations) UN Board of Auditors in the first week of November, 2013?
     a)    Comptroller and Auditor General(C&AG) of India
     b)    Central Board of Direct Taxes) CBDT Chairman
     c)    RBI Governor
     d)    Finance Secretary of India
     e)    None of the above
 31.    As per Forbes' Annual list of India's 100 richest, who is the India's wealthiest person?
     a)    Sunil Mittal of Bharti group
     b)    Azim Premji of Wipro
     c)    Narayana Murthy of Infosys
     d)    Mukesh Ambani of Reliance group
     e) Cyrus Mistry of TATAs
 32.    Which State has the highest Per-capita income in India?
     a) Punjab   
 b) Kerala
     c) Delhi    
d) Maharashtra
     e) Haryana
 33.    EMI (Equated Monthly Instal-ment) is used for Loan repayments.  EMI consists of repayment towards?
     a) Principal only
     b) Interest & Principal only
     c) Interest only
     d) Processing Charges only
     e) None of the above
 34.    Which State tops in India in Sugar production?
     a) Tamilnadu         
b) A.P.
     c) Uttar Pradesh    
d) Punjab
     e) None of the above
 35.    What is a Crop Holiday?
     a)    Postponing Crop sowing for a few days
     b)    Postponing Crop Loan repayments
     c)    Not growing Crops during a growing season
     d)    Postponing Crop Harvesting for a few days
     e)    None of the above
 36.    Committee to re-examine Prio-rity Sector Lending submitted it's report in February 2012.  Who headed the Committee?
     a) Bimal Jalan       
b) V K Shunglu
     c) C Rangarajan  
d) M V Nair
     e) None of the above
 37.    Name the organization set up for operating and overseeing Retail Payment Systems in India?
     a)    NPSI(National Payments Systems of India)
     b)    NRPC(National Retail Pay ments Corporation)
     c)    NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India)
     d)    NRSI(National Retail Sys-tems of India)
     e)    None of the above
 38.    What is Dhan Aadhar Card?
     a)    First Aadhar Card under Direct Cash Transfer Scheme
     b)    First Kisan Credit Card issued by SBI
     c)    First ATM/Micro ATM Card with Aadhar Number issued by Bank of India
     d)    First MSME Credit Card issued by Bank of India
     e)    None of the above

   1) a      2) b      3) a      4) c      5) a      6) d      7) e      8) a    9) c    10) b    
  11) a    12) e    13) d    14) e    15) c    16) a    17) d    18) a    19) c    20) a    
   21) b    22) c    23) a    24) b    25) e    26) b    27) c    28) b    29) a    30) a    
   31) d    32) c    33) b    34) c    35) c    36) d    37) c    38) c

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


1. Ultimate controller of Bank Deposits is?
1) RBI
2) Finance Secretary
3) Ministry of Finance
4) Controller of Deposits

2. 6th National Seed Congress, 2013 held at...
1) Lucknow
2) Hyderabad
3) Pune
4) Mumbai
5) Nagpur

3. Around 2% revised rail passenger fares came into effect from 7 October, 2013 to implement FAC. FAC stands for ............
1) Fuel Adjustment Component
2) Food Adjustment Component
3) Full Adjustment Component
4) Free Adjustment Component
5) Fuel Arrangement Component

4. Vayoshreshtha Samman to be given to....
1) NRI
2) Senior Citizens
3) Doctors
4) Purohiths
5) Children

5. Which among the following accounts fetch the highest rate of interest?
1) Savings deposit
2) Recurring deposit
3) Fixed deposit
4) Current account deposit
5) 1 & 4

6. Banks usually collect penal rate of interest on ....... for the pre mature withdrawal of fixed deposits?
1) Principal
2) Rate of interest
3) Minimum deposit amount
4) Maturity amount
5) All of above

7. Fixed deposits can have ........
1) Nomination facility.
2) Nomination facility with the permission of Bank Chairman.
3) Nomination facility by taking special permission from bank.
4) Nomination facility on the day of closing.
5) Nomination facility with the permission of person who introduced him to open account.

8. As per the direction of RBI on 29 October 2013, the banks can pay rate of interest on Fixed deposits'?
1) At intervals shorter than quarterly intervals also.
2) Pay on quarterly basis alone.
3) On half yearly basis only.
4) As per the direction of government of India.
5) None

9. Idea of insuring deposits kept with banks received attention for the first time in the year 1948 after the banking crises in ?
1) Maharashtra
2) Karnataka
3) AP
4) Bengal
5) Goa

10. Which committee first time in India supported the concept of Insuring Deposits?
1) Rural Banking Deposit Committee.
2) Urban Banking Enquiry Committee.
3) Rural Banking Enquiry Committee.
4) SBI Rural Banking Enquiry Committee.
5) None

11. After crash of the which two banks, RBI seriously took the issue of insuring of deposits?
1) Palai Central Bank Ltd and Laxmi Bank Ltd
2) Laxmi Bank Ltd and General bank of India
3) Development Bank Corporation Limited
4) Palai Central Bank Ltd and IDBI
5) None

12. The Deposit Insurance Act came in to force in on 1st January .....
1) 1975
2) 1954
3) 1948
4) 1979
5) 1962

13. Each depositor in a bank is insured upto a maximum of ....... by Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC)?
1) Rs. 2 lakh
2) Rs.3 lakh
3) Rs.5 lakh
4) Rs.10 lakh
5) Rs.1 lakh

14. DICGC is the wholly owned subsidiary of?
1) SBI
3) Union Government
4) RBI

15. Which committee proposed to raise the compulsory insurance of bank deposits up to 5 Lakhs?
1) Aravind Mayaram
2) Usha Thorat
3) Damodaran
4) Syamala Gopinath
5) None

16. RBI revised premature deposit rules of which type of accounts on 24 Jan 2013?
1) Kiddy accounts 2) Current accounts
3) Large value fixed deposit accounts
4) Dollar savings accounts
5) Big size savings accounts

17. Lock period in Term deposit means?
1) Locker must be opened by the customer in the branch.
2) The Pre-maturity is not possible.
3) Another account cannot be opened by customer.
4) Nominee name need not be written.
5) None

18. Financial Market broadly divided in to two. They are?
1) Money and Capital market
2) Money and Black market
3) Price and Money market
4) Capital and Abroad market
5) None

19. Money market is a market for debt securities that pay off in the short term ...........
1) Usually less than two years.
2) Usually less than three years.
3) Usually less than one year.
4) Usually less than five years.
5) None

20. The Money market include ........
1)Treasury bills
2) Cash Management bills
3) Commercial papers
4) Bankers acceptance
5) All of above

21. Capital market is a market for long-term debt and equity shares. It is further divided into?
1) Secondary Market and Bull Market.
2) Bull Market and Bell Market.
3) Primary Market and Secondary Market.
4) Primary Market and Government Cash Bond Market.
5) All of above

22. Shares issued in Primary market in the form of IPO and FPO. IPO means?
1) India Public Offer
2) Initial Private Offer
3) Initial Public Off
4) Initial Public Offer
5) None

23. FPO means?
1) Follow on Public Offer
2) First Public Offer
3) Follow on Private Offer
4) Firm on Public Offer
5) Follow on Public Operations

24. RHP means....
1) Read Herring Prospectus
2) Roll Hearing Prospectus
3) Red Herring Prospectus
4) Red Herring Proposals
5) Rupee Herring Prospectus

25. The market which expects the prices of shares go up in the market is called.....
1) Depressed market
2) Duck market
3) Fundamental market
4) Bear market
5) Bull market

26. To protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of markets in capital market, (Securities and Exchange Board of India) SEBI established on April 12 ......
1) 1987
2) 1990
3) 2001
4) 1985
5) 1992

27. Who is the chairman of SEBI?
1) CS Bhave
2) Som Mittal
3) UK Sinha
4) Yogesh Agarwal
5) Rajkumar Dhoot

28. Angel Investor provides ......
1) Financial backing to start the business.
2) Working capital.
3) Lending at the time of urgency.
4) Bank guarantee to continue the business.
5) None

29. The new rules of Angel investors as per SEBI issued on 16 September 2013 given. Which among the following is wrong?
1) Angel investors have been allowed to be registered as Alternative Investment Funds.
2) Investments under angel investing restricted between Rs.50 lakh and Rs 5 crore.
3) They can make investments only in those companies which are incorporated in India only.
4) Angel funds needs to be invested in a firm for at least three year.
5) Angel funds can be availed for companies not older than 4 years.

30. Which is India's only listed micro-lender said on 30 September 2013, it has concluded a securitization transaction for Rs.321 crore with a major public sector bank, ranked as A1+?
1) SMILE Finance
2) Sahara Finance
3) SKS Microfinance
4) Shradda Finance
5) L&T Finance

31. As per the new rule of New Pension scheme (NPS), if a subscriber exists after age of 60 years, how much portion of the pension he must invest to purchase an annuity policy?
1) 40
2) 20
4) 100
5) 75

32. National Textile Corporation (NTC) launched a retail chain by name.....?
1) Bapu
2) Thread
3) Republic
4) Indian Republic
5) Great India

33. Tata Power commenced construction work for the first phase of its joint venture 400- MW hydro power project in Georgia. The capital of Georgia is?
1) Sofia
2) Istanbul
3) Juba
4) Kiwi
5) Tbilisi

34. Who hosts 2018 Men’s World Cup of Hockey as declared on 7th November 2013?
1) Australia
2) Netherlands
3) India
4) Pakistan
5) England

35. All-weather 14-km tunnel at Zojila pass to be constructed. Zozila pass is in the state of?
1) Jammu and Kashmir
2) Karnataka
3) Arunachal Pradesh
4) Assam
5) Tamilnadu

36. To contain the dwindling population of Parsis in India, which scheme was introduced in India?
1) Romi tolo
2) Parsi HI
3) Parsi Lo
4) Jiyo Parsi kho
5) Jiyo Parsi

37. In which city of Canada, a street named after Mahatma Gandhi on the eve of Indian Independence day?
1) Ponyong
2) Ronnetzone
3) Ottova
4) Winnipeg
5) None


1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, 5-3, 6-2, 7-1, 8-1, 9-4, 10-3
11-1, 12-5, 13-5, 14-4, 15-3, 16-3, 17-2, 18-1, 19-3, 20-5
21-3, 22-4, 23-1, 24-3, 25-5, 26-5, 27-3, 28-1, 29-5, 30-3
31-1, 32-4, 33-5, 34-3, 35-1, 36-5, 37-4

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


1.    The Reserve Bank of India permitted wholly owned subsidi- ary (WOS) of foreign banks to acquire which of the following domestic banks in November 2013?
     1) Government Banks
     2) Private Banks
     3) Regional Rural Banks
     4) Cooperative Banks
     5) Both 1 and 2

 2.    Who took over as the Mana-ging Director and Chief Execu- tive Officer of LIC Housing Finance Limited in November 2013?
     1) Anita Dongre
     2) Renu Sood Karnad
     3) Sunita Sharma
     4) Naina Lal Kidwai
     5) Chitra Ramakrishna

 3.    The Indian Ocean Rim Associ-ation (IORA) held its 13th Council of Ministers meeting in which of the following places on November 1, 2013?
     1) New Delhi (India)
     2) Colombo (Sri Lanka)
     3) Perth (Australia)
     4) Dhaka (Bangladesh)
     5) Port Louis (Mauritius)

 4.    The International Hockey Fede ration (IHF) on November 7, 2013 selected which of the following countries to host the Men’s World Cup Hockey in 2018?
     1) Australia    2) England
     3) Netherlands    4) India
     5) Argentina
 5.    The 12th edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) convention will be held in which of the following cities from Janu-ary 7 to 9, 2014?
     1) Jaipur    
2) Kochi
     3) Bangalore    
4) Hyderabad
     5) New Delhi

 6.    Who has been named the most powerful businesswoman in India for the third consecutive year by Fortune magazine? (Fortune released the list of India’s 50 most powerful businesswomen in November 2013)
     1) Chanda Kochhar (ICICI Bank)   
     2) Shikha Sharma (Axis Bank)           
     3) Aruna Jayanthi (Capgemini)  
     4) Preetha Reddy(Apollo Hospitals)           
     5) Mallika Srinivasan (TAFE)

 7.    The leader of Pakistani Taliban was killed in a drone strike in November 2013. Name him?
     1) Waliur Rehman
     2) Husain Madani   
     3) Shabbir Usmani
     4) Hakimullah Mehsud        
     5) Ubaidullah Sindhi  

 8.    Emomali Rakhmon was re-elected as the President of which of the following countries in November 2013?
     1) Kazakhstan    
2) Uzbekistan
     3) Tajikistan    
4) Kyrgyzstan
     5) Azerbaijan

 9.    “Hand-in-Hand” is a joint military exercise between India and ___?
     1) China    
2) USA
     3) Sri Lanka    
     4) Singapore     
     5) France

 10.    “Interventions: A Life in War and Peace” is written by?
     1) Kofi Annan
     2) Ban Ki-moon
     3) Boutros-Boutros Ghali
     4) U Thant
     5) None of these

 11.    Who among the following enjoys the rank of Cabinet Minister in Union Cabinet?
     1) Solicitor General
     2) Home Secretary
     3) CBI Director
     4)    Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission
     5) Secretary to the Government of India

 12.    “The One- Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming” was written by?
     1) Norman Borlaug
     2) M.S. Swaminathan     
     3) Masanobu Fukuoka   
     4) William Gaud    
     5) None of these

 13.    The first Hindu-American to become a member of the Uni- ted States House of Represen- tatives is?
     1) Tammy Duckworth  
     2) Sunita Williams      
     3) Ami Bera
     4) Jyothi Sengupta  
     5) Tulsi Gabbard  

 14.    Which of the following is called the ‘Crossroads of the Pacific’?
     1) Hawaii    
2) Tonga
     3) Ellice      
4) Fiji
     5) Nauru

 15.    How many states in India are coastal states?
     1) 7           
2) 8     
3) 9       
     4) 10        
5) 11  

 16.    A tree’s age can be found by?
     1) Measuring its height
     2) Counting the number
         of branches
     3) Counting the number of annual rings
     4) Both 1 and 2
     5) None of these  

 17.    ISDN stands for?
     1) Integrated Services Digital Network
     2)    Indian Standard Digital Network      
     3)    Intelligent Services Digital Network      
     4)    Integrated Services Data Network   
     5)    None of these     
 18.    Jayaprakash Narayan is the author of the book?
     1) India Divided
     2) Why Socialism  
     3) Discovery of India
     4) India wins Freedom  
     5) None of these

 19.    Which one of the following books is written by an Indian author?
     1) Harry Potter  
     2) Animal Farm
     3) Wolf Hall     
     4) Beautiful Mind  
     5) Five Point Someone

 20.    Who is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)?
     1) S. Ramadorai   
     2) K. Natarajan     
     3) N. Chandrasekaran
     4) Cyrus Mistry   
     5) S.D. Shibulal

 21.    CPI and WPI refer to?
     1) Political parties
     2) Price indices
     3) Poverty indices
     4) Unemployment indices
     5) None of these

 22.    Davos is famous for?
     1) EU headquarters  
     2) ICJ headquarters  
     3) World Economic Forum      
     4)    NATO members meet here every year
     5) Best ski resorts in the world  
 23.    Which of the following is not a Millennium Development Goal?
     1) Poverty eradication
     2) Improving maternal health
     3) Universal primary education
     4) Combating HIV/AIDS
     5) Reducing trade barriers      

 24.    Which of the following countries in Europe were most hit by sovereign debt crisis?
     1)    Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland  
     2)    Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain   
     3)    Greece, Germany, Spain, Iceland
     4)    Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic
     5)    Portugal,UK,Germany,Swit- zerland

 25.    Bretton Woods Twins are?
     1) World Bank, UNESCO
     2) IMF, World Bank
     3) IMF, WTO
     4) World Bank, WTO
     5) WTO, UNESCO

 26.    Barak is a surface to air missile produced by?
     1) Israel    
2) USA
      3) Iran     
4) Iraq
     5) Syria     

 27.    ‘Teratali’ is the folk dance of?
     1) Punjab     
2) Gujarat  
     3) Madhya Pradesh
     4) Rajasthan
     5) Uttar Pradesh

 28.    Identify the mismatched pair?
     1) World Wide Web–Tim Berners Lee
     2) WikiLeaks – Julian Assange  
     3) Google –Larry Page
     4) – Vint Cerf  
     5) Internet Protocol – Bob Kahn

 29.    Palme d’ Or award is given in the field of?
     1) Soccer    
2) Television
     3) Movies    
4) Literature
     5) Environment

 30.    Harish Hande, a Magsaysay Award winner, is famous for?
     1) RTE Act     
2) RTI Act
     3) MRTPC    
4) Lokpal Bill   
     5) SELCO

 31.    Sanjukta Panigrahi was a famous?
     1) Kathak dancer
     2) Kathakali dancer
     3) Manipuri dancer
     4) Odissi dancer
     5) Bharatanatyam dancer

 32.    Awards and their respective fields are given below. Identify the mismatched pair?
     1)    Grammy – Music
     2)    Booker – Literature  
     3)    Cannes Lions – Advertising
     4)    Emmy – Television
     5)    Pulitzer – Movies

 33.    Department of Pharmaceuticals comes under the Ministry of?
     1) Health
     2) Food processing
     3) Chemicals and Fertilizers
     4) Consumer Affairs
     5) Defense

 34.    The main constituents of biogas are?
     1) Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide   
     2) Methane and Carbon dioxide
     3) Methane and Carbon monoxide      
     4) Butane and Hydrogen     
     5) Butane and Carbon dioxide

 35.    G-8 was started first as G-7. Which one among the following was not one of them?
     1) Canada    
2) France
     3) Italy    
4) Japan
     5) Russia

 36.    Which of the following countries does not follow Euro as currency?
     1) Germany    
2) Belgium
     3) Switzerland    
4) Portugal
     5) Finland  

 37.    The Education Innovation Fund for India (EIFI) is an initiative of?
     1) IBM    
2) Microsoft
     3) Intel    
     4) Hewlett-Packard
     5) Dell

 38.    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is located in?
     1) New Delhi    
2) Hyderabad   
     3) Mumbai    
     4) Kolkata
     5) Chennai

 39.    GAAR will be implemented from April 2016. The purpose of GAAR is to?
     1) Increase agriculture income  
     2) Increase rural income  
     3) Regulate foreign investment in agriculture
     4) Check tax avoidance  
     5) Regulate foreign banks

 40.    Amartya Sen received the Nobel Prize in Economics in?
     1) 1990    
2) 1995   
     3) 1998    
4) 2009      
     5) 2000

1) 2;        2) 3;      3) 3;       4) 4;      5) 5;      6) 1;      7) 4;      8) 3;      9) 1;      10) 1;    
11) 4;    12) 3;    13) 5;    14) 4;    15) 3;    16) 3;    17) 1;    18) 2;    19) 5;    20) 3;    
21) 2;    22) 3;    23) 5;    24) 2;    25) 2;    26) 1;    27) 4;    28) 4;    29) 3;    30) 5;    
31) 4;    32) 5;    33) 3;    34) 2;    35) 5;    36) 3;    37) 4;    38) 3;    39) 4;    40) 3;  

Sunday, November 10, 2013


1.    “The Taste of India” is the Slogan of which popular brand in India?
     a) Ashirvad    
     b) Amul
     c) Kohinoor Foods
     d) MTR Foods
     e) None of the above

 2.    NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer) is used for Electronic Transfer of Funds between Two Bank Accounts. Which of the following is NOT mandatory for a NEFT transaction?
     a)    IFSC Code    
     b) MICR Code
     c)    Funds Recipient’s Bank Account Number
     d)    Funds Recipient’s Bank Account Name
     e)    Funds Recipient’s Bank & Branch details

 3.    What is the Currency of Spain?
     a) Peso    
     b) Franc
     c) Kroner   
    d) Euro
     e) None of the above

 4.    Due to finding of shale gas, which of the following countries is likely to become the World’s biggest Oil Producer by 2014?
     a) Iraq    
 b) Saudi Arabia
     c) USA       
d) Iran    
e) China

 5.    Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamilnadu is built with the help of which Country?
     a) Russia    
b) USA
     c) France    
d) Japan
     e) None of the above

 6.    Where is India’s highest ATM located?
     a) Drass in J&K
     b) Kargil in J&K
     c) Thimpu in Bhutan
     d) Nathu La in Sikkim
     e) None of the above

 7.    What is meant by ‘Reverse Repo Rate’ in India?
     a)    Interest Rate Banks get when they keep their Surplus Money with RBI
     b)    Interest Rate Banks pay when they borrow Funds from RBI
     c)    Interest Rate Banks get when they keep their Surplus Money with other Banks
     d)    Interest Rate Banks get when they borrow Funds from Govt. of India
     e) None of the above

 8.    Who is the author of the book ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’?
     a) Raghu S Sharma
     b) Rahul S Sharma
     c) Raghuram Rajan
     d) Ram S Sharma
     e) Robin S Sharma

 9.    As per the latest RBI guidelines, at what intervals Banks can pay Interest on Savings Accounts?
     a)    Quarterly and above only
     b)    Half yearly and above only
     c)    Shorter or greater than Quarterly intervals
     d)    Annual only
     e)    None of the above

 10.    What is TRUE about ‘Inflation Indexed National Saving Securities (IINSSs)’ for retail investors?
     a)    Proposed to be launched in November/December 2013
     b)    Interest on these Securities will be based on a Fixed Rate plus Inflation Rate
     c)    Interest on these Securities will be compounded Half Yearly
     d)    These Securities will be issued through Banks
     e)    All the above

 11.    As per RBI guidelines, what is the maximum amount that can be transferred through RTGS?
     a) Rs. 10 Crores
     b) There is no upper limit
     c) Rs. 1 Crore    
d) Rs. 5 Crores
     e) None of the above

 12.    It is announced in the Union Budget that a LIC branch will be opened in every Town with a population of -
     a) 25 Thousand or more
     b) 5 Thousand or more
     c) 10 Thousand or more
     d) 15 Thousand or more
     e)    Every Town irrespective of the population

 13.    Additional Tax Surcharge of 10% on Income Tax is levied on income of persons whose Annual income is-
     a) Above Rs. 1 Crore
     b) Above Rs. 50 Lac
     c) Above Rs. 75 Lac
     d) Above Rs. 25 Lac
     e) None of the above

 14.    Which State of India is the largest producer of Tea?
     a) Tamilnadu    
b) Kerala
     c) Assam    
d) West Bengal
     e) None of the above

 15.    As per RBI Rules, a Non Performing Asset (NPA) of a Bank in Doubtful Status for more than 3 years attracts provisioning at the Rate of-
     a) 50%    
b) 100%
     c) 10%    
d) 25%
     e) None of the above

 16.    Education Loans of up to what amount are classified as Priority Sector Loans?
     a)    Rs. 10 Lacs for studies in India & Rs. 20 Lacs for studies abroad
     b)    Rs. 15 Lacs for studies in India & Rs. 25 Lacs for studies abroad
     c)    Rs. 20 Lacs for studies in India & Rs. 30 Lacs for studies abroad
     d)    Rs. 30 Lacs for studies in India & Rs. 50 Lacs for studies abroad
     e)    None of the above

 17.    Who is the Founder Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar Conglome-rate Company who is told by Supreme Court not to leave India without it’s permission?
     a) Sudhanshu Roy Sahara
     b) Sriram Roy Sahara
     c) Sunil Roy Sahara
     d) Subrata Roy Sahara
     e) None of the above

 18.    In order to introduce High Speed Passenger Train that can travel at speeds up to 200 Km/hr, Indian Railways has setup-
     a)    High Speed Rail Corporation
     b)    High Speed Trains Corporation
     c)    High Speed Transport Corporation
     d)    High Speed Transit Corporation
     e)    None of the above

 19.    ‘Finance Bill’ has to be passed by Parliament and President’s Assent given before expiry of how many days of introduction in the Parliament?
     a) 60 days    
b) 75 days
     c) 90 days    
d) 30 days
     e) None of the above

 20.    National Food Security Bill 2013 aims to provide Food Security to-
     a)    10% of Rural and 5% of Urban Population
     b)    50% of Rural and 75% of Urban Population
     c)    25% of Rural and 80% of Urban Population
     d)    75% of Rural and 50% of Urban Population
     e)    None of the above

 21.    What is ‘Arbitrage Trading’ with reference to Stock Markets?
     a)    Settling or Arbitrating a Trade Dispute between two Stock Brokers
     b)    Purchasing and selling the same Stock at the same time in different Markets
     c)    Selling Stocks at a lower price than the market price
     d)    Selling Stocks at a higher price than the market price
     e)    None of the above

 22.    ‘Negative List’ under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) prohibits investments in India from certain Countries. Which of the following is a Country in that list?
     a) USA    
b) Pakistan
     c) UK    
d) Canada
     e) None of the above

 23.    What is IndRa?
     a)    An Indian Credit Ratings Company
     b)    An Indian Mircofinance Company
     c)    An Indian Scientific Research Company
     d)    An Indian Housing Finance Company
     e)    None of the above

 24.    What is EPS (Earnings Per Share)?
     a)    Ratio of Capital to Number of Shares
     b)    Ratio of Net Profit to Number of Shares
     c)    Ratio of Reserves to Number of Shares
     d)    Ratio of Interest to Number of Shares
     e)    None of the above

 25.    Which Nationalised Bank has got the highest Government Sha-reholding as of 31st March 2013?
     a) Central Bank of India
     b) IDBI Bank    
c) Andhra Bank
     d) Vijaya Bank
     e) None of the above

 26.    Who is the ‘Secretary of Financial Services’ in Central Finance Ministry?
     a) Anil Goswami
     b) Akbaruddin    
c) Nirupama Rao
     d) Rajiv Takru
     e) None of the above

 27.    Which City in India is the best to start a Business as per a Study conducted by World Bank & International Finance Corporation (IFC)?
     a) Mumbai    
b) Hyderabad
     c) Delhi    
d) Bangalore
     e) None of the above

 28.    For which Banking product in India, Nomination facility is NOT available?
     a) Savings Deposits
     b) Fixed Deposits
     c) Recurring Deposits
     d) Current Accounts
     e) None of the above

 29.    Out of the total Priority Sector Loans, what percentage should be sanctioned to the Weaker Sections by Public Sector Banks as per RBI guidelines?
     a) 25%    
b) 50%
     c) 60%    
d) 15%
     e) None of the above

 30.    Who is the Managing Director & CEO of NSE (National Stock Exchange)?
     a) Bimal Jalan    
b) S Damodaran
     c) Chitra Ramakrishna
     d) Naina Lal Kidwai
     e) None of the above

 31.    Which of the following Banks does NOT have its Headquarters in Mumbai?
     a) State Bank of India
     b) ICICI Bank
     c) Bank of Maharashtra
     d) Union Bank of India
     e) HDFC Bank

 32.    Govt of India withdrew flying rights to Kingfisher Airlines in Feb 2013. Name the Chairman & Managing Director of the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines?
     a) G R Gopinath
     b) Vijay Mallya    
c) Naresh Goel
     d) Kalanithi Maran
     e) None of the above

 33.    A fall in Rupee value against Major Foreign Currencies is generally-
     a)    Detrimental to Importers
     b)    Beneficial to Importers
     c)    Detrimental to Indian Tourists going abroad
     d)    Beneficial to Exporters
     e)    ‘a’,’c’ & ‘d’ of the above

     1.b;    2.b;    3.d;         4.c;    5.a;      6.d;    7.a;     8.e;     9.c;     10.e;     
   11.b;   12.c;     13.a;     14.c;     15.b;     16.a;     17.d;     18.a;     19.b;     20.d;     
   21.b;     22.e;     23.a;     24.b    25.a;     26.d;     27.c;     28.e;     29.a;     30.c;     
   31.c;     32.b;     33.e