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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


1. Which of the following banks launched a financing scheme for women fashion boutique owners known as Boutique Financing on April 15, 2014?
1) Allahabad Bank
2) Bank of India
3) ICICI Bank
4) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
5) State Bank of India

2. Which of the following films won the best popular film providing wholesome entertainment at the 61st National Film Awards announced on April 16, 2014?
1) Chennai Express
2) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
3) Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
4) Aashiqui-2
5) Raanjhanaa

3. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel-winning Colombian author, passed away on April 17, 2014. Which one of the following books was not written by him?
1) One Hundred Years of Solitude
2) The Autumn of the Patriarch
3) Love in the Time of Cholera
4) Of Love and Other Demons
5) My Name is Red

4. Who took over as the 22nd Chief of Indian Navy on April 17, 2014?
1) Satish Soni
2) Sunil Lamba
3) Shekhar Sinha
4) Robin K. Dhowan
5) None of these

5. Abdelaziz Bouteflika won a fourth term as the President of which of the following African countries in April 2014?
1) Nigeria
2) Sudan
3) Somalia
4) Ethiopia
5) Algeria

6. In January 2014, which one of the following banks became the first Indian private sector bank to open a branch in China?
1) ICICI Bank
2) HDFC Bank
3) Axis Bank
4) Yes Bank
5) Kotak Mahindra Bank

7. Which public sector bank named Shikhar Dhawan, a cricketer, as its brand ambassador in March 2014?
1) Corporation Bank
2) Vijaya Bank
3) Indian Overseas Bank
4) Canara Bank
5) Punjab National Bank

8. The Reserve Bank of India has extended the deadline to exchange pre-2005 currency notes till?
1) September 30, 2014
2) December 31, 2014
3) March 31, 2015
4) October 31, 2014
5) January 1, 2015

9. Julius Baer Group is a private banking group based in which of the following European countries?
1) France
2) Switzerland
3) Norway
4) Denmark
5) Germany

10. The offspring of an elephant, walrus or a whale is called?
1) Cub
2) Colt
3) Calf
4) Kid
5) Hatchling

11. The currency of Bulgaria is?
1) Zloty
2) Forint
3) Krona
4) Lev
5) Dollar

12. Indira Point, the southernmost point of India, is situated in?
1) Kerala
2) Tamil Nadu
3) Lakshadweep
4) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
5) Puducherry

13. Which of the following is the capital of Estonia?
1) Tallinn
2) Pristina
3) Riga
4) Valletta
5) Libreville

14. Which of the following countries is not a member of BIMSTEC?
1) Bhutan
2) India
3) Myanmar
4) Thailand
5) China

15. "Sachin, Born to Bat: The Journey of Cricket's Ultimate Centurion" is written by?
1) Khalid A-H Ansari
2) Ayaz Memon
3) Harsha Bhogle
4) Boria Majumdar
5) Vijay Lokapally

16. In which of the following countries is coconut triangle situated?
1) Mauritius
2) Maldives
3) Sri Lanka
4) India
5) Malaysia

17. The Red River is situated in?
1) China
2) Myanmar
3) Japan
4) Vietnam
5) North Korea

18. Identify the mismatched pair?
1) NSDL-National Securities Depository Limited
2) OBE-Order of the British Empire
3) BIFR - Bureau for Industrial and Financial Rehabilitation
4) SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio
5) CCEA - Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

19. World Thrift Day is observed every year on?
1) September 30
2) July 31
3) November 30
4) October 31
5) August 31

20. Which Part of the Indian constitution is associated with the provisions of citizenship?
1) Part I
2) Part II
3) Part III
4) Part IV
5) Part V

21. Which scheme was launched to provide pension to people in unorganized sectors?
1) Swabhiman
2) Swadhar
3) Jeevan Dhara
4) Jeevan Kalyan
5) None of these

22. ATMs that are owned and managed by non banking entities are called?
1) Offsite ATMs
2) Red ATMs
3) Black Label ATMs
4) White Label ATMs
5) Third Party ATMs

23. World Bank helps countries with loans for the purpose of?
1) Stimulating private investment
2) Tackling foreign exchange crises
3) Reconstruction and development
4) Meeting deficits in government budget
5) None of these

24. As part of the India Food Banking Network (IFBN) the first Food Bank was launched in?
1) Hyderabad
2) Delhi
3) Kanpur
4) Amethi
5) Bangalore

25. The Global Hunger Index (GHI) was first published in?
1) 2005
2) 2006
3) 1995
4) 1996
5) 2000

26. Which of the following is/are the indicators for Global Hunger Index?
1) Undernourishment
2) Underweight children
3) Child mortality rate
4) Both 1 and 2
5) All 1, 2 and 3

27. Byssinosis, also called 'Brown lung disease', is common in the workers of?
1) Ceramic industry
2) Rubber industry
3) Textile industry
4) Iron and steel industry
5) None of these

28. Democratic decentralization refers to?
1) Parliamentary Government
2) Federal Government
3) Democratic Government
4) Local Government
5) None

29. Which one of the following countries is not a member of OPEC?
1) Algeria
2) Nigeria
3) Venezuela
4) Ecuador
5) Brazil

30. Which of the following ensures grass root democracy in India?
1) Inter State Council
2) Planning Commission
3) Finance Commission
4) National Integration Council
5) Panchayati Raj

31. The Gilgit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts are related to?
1) Buddhism
2) Jainism
3) Hinduism
4) Judaism
5) Zoroastrianism

32. List of women winners of Nobel Prizes is given. Who among the following did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
1) Alice Munro
2) Herta Mueller
3) Doris Lessing
4) Toni Morrison
5) Aung San Suu Kyi

33. List of Authors and Books is given below. Identify the mismatched pair?
1) Jim Crace - Harvest
2) Eleanor Catton-The Luminaries
3) Ruth Ozeki - A Tale for the Time Being
4) Colm Toibin - The Testament of Mary
5) Jhumpa Lahiri - We Need New Names

34. The goals of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) include?
1) Disaster relief
2) Poverty relief
3) Socioeconomic development
4) Both 1 and 2
5) All 1, 2 and 3

35. Which was the first film to win the Filmfare Best Movie Award in 1954?
1) Do Bigha Zamin
2) Boot Polish
3) Alam Ara
4) Mother India
5) Daag

36. Who is the author of the novel 'The Godfather'?
1) Gunter Grass
2) Erich Seagal
3) Mario Puzo
4) Francis Ford Coppola
5) V.S. Naipaul

37. What is the unit of frequency?
1) Newton
2) Radian
3) Pascal
4) Hertz
5) Volt

38. Jamshedpur is located on the river?
1) Damodar
2) Subarnarekha
3) Chambal
4) Mahanadi
5) Gomti

39. Who was the first Muslim to be elected as President of the Indian National Congress?
1) Aga Khan
2) Syed Ahmad Khan
3) Badruddin Tyabji
4) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
5) None of these

40. The exhaustion of soil fertility is the result of?
1) Cover cropping
2) Inter cropping
3) Double cropping
4) Crop rotation
5) Over cropping

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


1. The Reserve Bank of India granted in-principle approval to which of the following applicants to set up banks on April 2, 2014?
2) Bandhan Financial Services Pvt Ltd
4) Both 1 and 2
5) Both 2 and 3

2. Manuel Valls assumed office as the Prime Minister of which of the following countries on April1, 2014?
1) Spain
2) France
3) Italy
4) Argentina
5) Peru

3. On April1, 2014, the Reserve Bank of India in its monetary policy kept the repo rate unchanged at?
1) 9%
2) 7%
3) 8%
4) 9.5%
5) 8.5%

4. Who was appointed as RBI Deputy Governor for three years in place of Anand Sinha on April 3, 2014?
1) S.S. Mundra
2) Nachiket Mor
3) V. Kannan
4) R. Gandhi
5) None of these

5. Gurdial Singh Sandhu is the?
1) Finance Secretary
2) Revenue Secretary
3) Economic Affairs Secretary
4) Home Secretary
5) Financial Services Secretary

6. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) suspended its ties with which of the following countries in April 2014?
1) Ukraine
2) Syria
3) Afghanistan
4) Russia
5) China

7. Kumba Yala died on April 4, 2014. He was the former President of?
1) Ghana
2) Guinea-Bissau
3) Gambia
4) Djibouti
5) Malawi

8. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and which of the following companies jointly launched 360-degree panoramic imagery of nationally important monuments in February 2014?
1) Google
2) Yahoo
3) Bing
4) MSN
5) None of these

9. October 8 is celebrated in India as?
1) Army Day
2) Air Force Day
3) Navy Day
4) Armed Forces Flag Day
5) Kargil Divas

10. Which instrument measures the electric current?
1) Altimeter
2) Calorimeter
3) Galvanometer
4) Durometer
5) None of these

11. Who among the following architects designed the city of Chandigarh?
1) Charles Correa
2) Le Corbusier
3) Edwin Lutyens
4) Herbert Baker
5) None of these

12. Which of the following cups/ trophies is associated with Hockey?
1) DCM Trophy
2) Davis Cup
3) Derby Trophy
4) Durand Cup
5) None of these

13. Who invented the Thermos Flask?
1) Thomas Alva Edison
2) Humphry Davy
3) James Dewar
4) Alexander Bain
5) Lewis Waterman

14. Zloty is the currency of?
1) Poland
2) Mexico
3) Slovakia
4) Slovenia
5) Latvia

15. The Jadugada Mine commenced operation in 1967 and is the first Uranium mine in India. It is located in?
1) Odisha
2) Jharkhand
3) Bihar
4) West Bengal
5) Chhattisgarh

16. Mahatma Gandhi Setu, one of the longest river bridges in Asia, is a bridge over the river?
1) Narmada
2) Tapti
3) Ganga
4) Godavari
5) Mahanadi

17. Nikhat Zareen of India is associated with which of the following sports?
1) Badminton
2) Boxing
3) Chess
4) Tennis
5) Archery

18. Which of the following private banks celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in October 2013?
1) ICICI Bank
2) HDFC Bank
3) Yes Bank
4) ING Vysya Bank
5) J&K Bank

19. Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) is an initiative of the Ministry of?
1) Minority Affairs
2) Information and Broadcasting
3) Drinking Water and Sanitation
4) Health and Family Welfare
5) Home Afairs

20. Which country faced the first Government shutdown in seventeen years in October
1) UK
2) France
3) Germany
4) USA
5) Italy

21. Which Indian industrialist was inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in the United States for his contributions to industrial development in India and across the world in 2013?
1) E. Sreedharan
2) Ratan Tata
3) N. Chandrasekaran
4) Azim Premji
5) Krishnakumar Natarajan

22. Mayaram Committee was formed by the Government of India to examine the?
1) Progress in 2G spectrum scam case
2) Alleged irregularities in the functioning of Indian Olympic Association
3) Alleged irregularities at the National Spot Exchange Ltd. (NSEL)
4) Progress in coal block allocation scam
5) None of these

23. The 9th edition of "Naseem Al Bahr", the biennial naval exercise, took place between the Indian Navy and?
1) Royal Omani Navy
2) Bangladesh Navy
3) UAE Navy
4) Indonesian Navy
5) Iranian Navy

24. Which of the following is the capital city of Croatia?
1) Astana
2) Pyongyang
3) Vaduz
4) Zagreb
5) Conakry

25. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) which put the Mangalyaan into Earth’s orbit is?
1) PSLV-A22
2) PSLV-C22
3) PSLV-A11
4) PSLV-C11
5) PSLV-C25

26. Who was named the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the India region of food and beverage company PepsiCo in December 2013?
1) D. Shivakumar
2) Manu Anand
3) Phaneesh Muty
4) Sanjeev Chaddha
5) None of these

27. Who was fondly known as "Madiba"?
1) Martin Luther King Junior
2) Abraham Lincoln
3) Nelson Mandela
4) Kenneth Kaunda
5) None of these

28. Petra Kvitova is a professional tennis player from?
1) Russia
2) Belarus
3) Bulgaria
4) Czech Republic
5) Ukraine

29. What does the letter F denote in the term NBFC?
1) Fiscal
2) Functional
3) Formal
4) Federal
5) Financial

30. Which of the following is the name of a credit rating agency in India?
1) IBA


1) 5 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4   5) 5 6) 4 7) 2 8) 1   9) 2 10) 3
11) 2 12) 5  13) 3 14) 1 15) 2 16) 3 17) 2 18) 5 19) 3 20) 4
21) 2 22) 3 23) 1 24) 4  25) 5 26) 1 27) 3 28) 4  29) 5 30) 4

Monday, April 21, 2014


1. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) appointed which of the following persons as its Chairman for 2014-15?
1) R .Chandrasekaran
2) B.V.R. Mohan Reddy
3) N.R. Narayana Murty
4) S. Gopalakrishnan
5) S.D. Shibulal

2. Who adorned the covers of the 151st edition of the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack?
1) Sunil Gavaskar
2) Sachin Tendulkar
3) Rahul Dravid
4) V.V.S. Laxman
5) Saurav Ganguly

3. Viktor Orban was reelected the Prime Minister of which of the following European countries in April 2014?
1) Austria
2) France
3) Hungary
4) Romania
5) Poland

4. Who has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of India?
1) Justice H.L. Dattu
2) Justice A.K. Patnaik
3) Justice T.S. Thakur
4) Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha
5) Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan

5. In April 2014, which of the following companies announced that it would acquire 100 per cent of Ranbaxy Laboratories in a $ 4 billion all-share transaction?
1) Dr. Reddy's Labs
2) Abott
3) Cipla 4) Cadila
5) Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

6. Which country won the third consecutive women's World Twenty20 title in Dhaka on
April 6, 2014?
1) Australia
2) England
3) Sri Lanka
4) West Indies
5) New Zealand

7. Who won the men's singles title in the Yonex Sunrise India Open badminton in New Delhi on April 6, 2014?
1) Lee Chong Wei
2) Chen Long
3) Liu Xiaolong
4) Qiu Zihan
5) None of these

8. Who has been chosen for the coveted Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2013?
1) Anand Bakshi
2) Javed Akhtar
3) Dharmendra
4) Gulzar
5) Amitabh Bachchan

9. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was established in?
1) 1965
2) 1969
3) 1970
4) 1971
5) 1975

10. Who among the following leaders was not assassinated?
1) Mahatma Gandhi
2) Liaqat Ali Khan
3) Muhammed Ali Jinnah
4) Lord Louis Mountbatten
5) Benazir Bhutto

11. Who was the founder Director of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)?
1) S.S. Bhatnagar
2) Homi J. Bhabha
3) M.N. Saha
4) Vikram Sarabhai
5) Ratan Tata

12. Which port city is called the Queen of the Arabian Sea?
1) Kandla
2) Kochi
3) Mumbai
4) Marmagoa
5) None of these

13. Rihand Dam is located in which of the following states?
1) Bihar
2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Jharkhand
4) Rajasthan
5) Uttar Pradesh

14. Which city is located on the banks of the river Gomti?
1) New Delhi
2) Amritsar
3) Lucknow
4) Chandigarh
5) None of these

15. Prashant Bhushan is an eminent?
1) Singer
2) Director
3) Film Actor
4) Lawyer
5) Doctor

16. 'Par' and 'Flagstick' are the terms associated with?
1) Golf
2) Polo
3) Billiards
4) Squash
5) Hockey

17. Goods which are meant for consumption are called?
1) Giffen goods
2) Final goods
3) Intermediate goods
4) Inferior goods
5) None of these

18. Variations in Cash Reserve Ratio and Open Market Operations are instruments of?
1) Budgetary policy
2) Trade policy
3) Fiscal policy
4) Monetary policy
5) Industry policy

19. Which of the following Articles empowers the President to impose Financial Emergency?
1) Article 352
2) Article 356
3) Article 360
4) Article 364
5) Article 365

20. The Grand Canyon is a steepsided canyon carved by which of the following rivers in the
United States of America?
1) Colorado
2) Missouri
3) Mississippi
4) Columbia
5) Ohio

21. Hydroponics is a method of culture of plants without using?
1) Water
2) Light
3) Sand
4) Soil
5) Air

22. The endangered species are listed in what color data book?
1) Black
2) Red
3) Green
4) Blue
5) White

23. Which country won the maximum number of medals in the 20th Asian Athletic Championships held in Pune recently?
1) Japan
2) Saudi Arabia
3) Bahrain
4) India
5) China

24. The headquarters of Universal Postal Union is located in?
1) Montreal (Canada)
2) Berne (Switzerland)
3) Geneva (Switzerland)
4) London (UK)
5) Washington D.C. (USA)

25. Who is the author of the book 'The State of the Nation'?
1) Kuldip Nayar
2) Vinod Mehta
3) Fali S. Nariman
4) Mark Tully
5) Soli Sorabjee

26. Who among the following Nobel laureates was not a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace?
1) Woodrow Wilson
2) Linus Pauling
3) Norman Borlaug
4) Winston Churchill
5) Jimmy Carter

27. Which one of the following days is not observed in the month of October?
1) International Day of Non-Violence
2) World Habitat Day
3) World Post Office Day
4) United Nations Day
5) International Literacy Day

28. Which Union Territory in India has four districts but none of its districts has a common boundary with its other districts?
1) Chandigarh
2) Puducherry
3) Dadra and Nagar Haveli
4) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
5) Daman & Diu

29. The Indian National Congress was founded by?
1) Surendranath Banerjee
2) W.C. Banerjee
3) A.O. Hume
4) Annie Besant
5) None of these

30. Who among the following was not the President of India?
1) V.V. Giri
2) Zakir Hussain
3) Fakruddin Ali Ahmed
4) R. Venkatraman
5) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

31. Which of the following is not a nationalized bank?
1) Oriental Bank of Commerce
2) Bank of India
3) United Bank of India
4) Union Bank of India
5) IDBI Bank

32. What is the full form of OPEC?
1) Oil and Petrol Exporting Companies
2) Oil Producing and Exporting Countries
3) Oil Production and Export Corporation
4) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
5) None of these

33. South-South dialogue is associated with?
1) Arms Conference
2) Nuclear Treaty
3) Cooperation among developing nations
4) Meeting between the developed and the developing countries
5) None of these

34. Which one of the following is not a football club?
1) Arsenal
2) Aston Villa
3) Chelsea
4) Tottenham Hotspur
5) Monte Carlo

35. Which of the following is not a component of the agricultural strategy that brought about the Green Revolution?
1) Greater intensity of cropping
2) Guaranteed maximum prices
3) Development of high-yielding varieties
4) New agricultural technology
5) Package of inputs

36. Decibel is the unit used for?
1) Speed of light
2) Intensity of heat
3) Intensity of sound
4) Radio wave frequency
5) None of these

37. Fire temple is the place of worship in which of the following religions?
1) Islam
2) Sikhism
3) Jainism
4) Zoroastrianism
5) Hinduism

38. Foal, Filly and Colt are the three names of a baby?
1) Cat
2) Tiger
3) Deer
4) Horse
5) Dog

39. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of?
1) Hemoglobin
2) Heparin
3) Fibrin
4) Plasma
5) None of these

40. Who is the author of the book 'The Apprenticeship of a Mahatma', on which the film 'The Making of the Mahatma' is based?
1) Shyam Benegal
2) Arundhati Roy
3) Ela Gandhi
4) Shobha De
5) Fatima Meer

1) 1      2) 2          3) 3         4) 4    5) 5
6) 1      7) 1          8) 4        9) 2     10) 3
11) 2    12) 2        13) 5    14) 3     15) 4
16) 1    17) 2      18) 4      19) 3    20) 1
21) 4   22) 2      23) 5      24) 2      25) 3  
26) 4   27) 5      28) 2      29) 3     30) 5
31) 5  32) 4       33) 3    34) 5         35) 2
36) 3  37) 4      38) 4    39) 2        40) 5


1. Expand the term CTS.
1) Cheque Tracking System
2) Cheque Transfer System
3) Cheque Timing System
4) Cheque Total System
5) Cheque Truncation System

2. Which of the following statements wrong regarding the Cheque Truncation System (CTS)?
1) CTS stops the flow of physical cheques issued by Drawer.
2) Generally truncation takes place at the collecting branch, which sends the electronic image of the cheques to the paying branch through the clearing house.
3) CTS slow down the process of collection of cheques resulting the bad service to customers.
4) In this system, electronic image of the cheque is transmitted.
5) Clearing related frauds and cost of collection are reduced

3. The advantage of CTS is....
1) No geographical restrictions as to jurisdiction
2) Shorter clearing cycle
3) Superior verification and reconciliation process
4) Reduction in operational risk and risks associated with paper clearing
5) All of above

4. CTS-2010 (Cheque Truncation System) form of cheques stress the need of .....
1) Fashion in designing
2) Uniform in size
3) Uniform security features
4) Same number of cheque
5) Same number of cheque leaves

5. The uniform security features in CTS - 2010 include......
1) Water Mark
2) Bank's logo in invisible ink
3) Void pantograph
4) Quality paper
5) All of above

6. Who among the following is not the director of the Central Board of the Reserve Bank of
1) Dr. Raghuram Rajan
2) Urjit Patel
3) P. Chidambaram
4) Dr. Indira Rajaraman
5) Arvind Mayaram

7. On 20 March 2014, RBI has proposed to setup of a Trade Receivables and Credit Exchange for financing (TCE) to finance.....
1) Exporters of Iron
2) Importers of Gold
3) Foreign Exchange Dealers
4) Bankers and Pawn Brokers
5) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

8. RBI has extended the date for exchanging pre-2005 bank notes and has advised banks to facilitate the exchange of these notes for full value and without causing any inconvenience to the public. Now exchange will be available till ......
1) 31 Jul 2014
2) 30 Sep 2014
3) 1 Jan 2015
4) 31 Jan 2015
5) 31 Mar 2015

9. How many banks can participate to facilitate
a consortium advance?
1) Two
2) Three
3) Four
4) Five
5) Any number

10. Which of the following is a leading electronic payment technology firm?
1) Nifty
2) I-Max
3) Visa

11. Which of the following private sector lenders introduced its own card 'Kisan Card' through which a farmer can withdraw up to Rs. 1 lakh per day from ATMs?
3) Axis Bank
4) Federal Bank
5) Indus Ind Bank

12. On 1 April 2014, Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimated India's GDP is poised to
accelerate at what per cent in 2014-15?
1) 6.5%
2) 4.5 %
3) 5.9 %
4) 7.0 %
5) 5.5%

13. In view of Public Sector Banks deteriorating asset quality and rating downgrades, the RBI has recommended the Centre to reduce its holdings in these banks. Under the Banking Regulation Act, the government has to hold at least ......... stake in public sector banks.
1) 26%
2) 49%
3) 74%
5) 100 %

14. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has capped the Ways and Means Advances (WMA) limit for the central govt in the first half of the new financial year 2015 at.....
1) Rs.25,000 cr
2) Rs.30,000 cr
3) Rs.35,000 cr
4) Rs.40,000 cr
5) Rs.45,000 cr

15. The Planning Commission was established in ......
1) 1956
4) 1969
5) 1950

16. Planning Commission Deputy Chairman is Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Who is the present
secretary of Planning Commission?
1) Sindhushree Khullar
2) Sudha Pillai
3) Usha Anatha Subramanian
4) Mrs. Poonam Malakondiah
5) None

17. As per the estimates of Planning Commission, the number of persons living below the poverty line in the country has declined from 40.74 crore in 2004-05 to ...... in 2011-12.
1) 27 crore
2) 32 crore
3) 37 crore
4) 38 crore
5) 39 crore

18. The recent estimates of the Planning Commission say which of the following states had the highest number of poor people (5.98 crore) living below the poverty line in 2011-12?
1) West Bengal
2) Maharashtra
3) Madhya Pradesh
4) Bihar
5) Uttar Pradesh

19. Union Minister for of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla said , planning Commission estimates poverty line on the basis of .......
1) Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure (MPCE)
2) Monthly Per Capita Income (MPCI)
3) Yearly Income of Individual
4) Average Expenditure of Months (AEM)
5) None

20. Which Committee recommended MPCE of Rs. 447 for rural areas and Rs. 579 for urban areas as the poverty line for 2004-05, accepted by Planning Commission?
1) Kelkar
2) Abhijith Sen
3) Suresh Tendulkar
4) Amartya Sen
5) None

21. For 2011-12, the MPCE was at Rs 816 in rural and Rs........ in urban areas, fixed by Planning Commission.
1) 1000
2) 850
3) 950
4) 1200
5) 2000
22. Planning Commission in June 2012, constituted an expert group under the chairmanship
of whom ........ to review the methodology for measurement of poverty.
1) C. Rangarajan
2) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
3) Chaturvedi
4) Manmohan Singh
5) Divya Swamy

23. The President conferred Padma awards recently on eminent personalities from different fields. Who among the following has been conferred the Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award this year?
1) Anumolu Ramakrishna (Posthumously)
2) Jawahar Lal Kaul
3) Sudarshan Pattnaik
4) P Gopichand
5) RA Mashelkar

24. Who among the following is the winner of the best actor Oscar in the 86th Academy
1) Jared Leto
2) Leonardo DiCaprio
3) Matthew McConaughey
4) Woody Harrelson
5) None of above

25. Who among the following has been conferred Green Crusader of the Year Award at the prestigious IAA Olive Crown Awards recently?
1) Prasoon Joshi
2) Shashi Tharoor
3) Maneka Gandhi
4) Medha Patkar
5) None of above

26. 3rd Nuclear Security Summit held between 24-25 March 2014 held at ........
1) Rome
2) Tokyo
3) The Hague
4) Berlin
5) Washington

27. Which of the following countries will host the 18th SAARC Summit on 14th Nov 2014?
1) Maldives
2) Sri Lanka
3) Nepal
4) Pakistan
5) Bhutan

28. China has allowed direct domestic trading of its currency Yuan against the currency of which of the following countries on 18 March 2014 to encourage such trading as it internationalizes the Chinese currency?
1) Japan
2) South Korea
3) New Zealand
4) USA
5) None of above

29. Who among the following became the national ambassador of the Earth Hour 2014 that was observed on 29 Mar at 8.30 pm? Earth Hour is an annual global event at which hundreds of millions of households, businesses and govts around the world turn off their lights for one hour.
1) Ranveer Singh
2) Ranbir Kapoor
3) Arjun Kapoor
4) Salman Khan
5) Irfan Khan

30. World Health Day is observed on:
1) 2 Apr
2) 4 Apr
3) 7 Apr
4) 8 Apr
5) 12 Apr

31. On World Health Day 7 April 2014, WHO highlighted the serious and increasing threat of vector-borne diseases (VBDs), with the slogan .......
1) Let Vectors die
2) Small life, big threat
3) Free world from Vectors
4) Say no to Vectors
5) Small bite, big threat

32. Financial guarantees and performance guarantees issued by banks on behalf of their clients is called?
1) Bank Guarantee
2) Bank Undertaking
3) Bank Insurance
4) Bank Avoidance
5) Bank Notice

33. Credit instrument that originates from the creditor (drawer) on which the debtor (drawee) acknowledges his Liability is called?
1) Bill of Lading
2) Bank Guarantee
3) Bill of Exchange
4) Bank Promissory Note
5) Payment Receipt

34. Who became the new chairman of industry body CII (Confederation of Indian Industries)?
1) S.Chandrasekaran
2) Rana Kapoor
3) Ajay Shriram
4) Nandan Nilekani
5) Ratan TATA

35. Jens Stoltenberg will take over as new chief of the 28-nation military alliance NATO in Oct 2014. He is the former prime minister of which of the following countries?
1) Denmark
2) Belgium
3) Croatia
4) Bulgaria
5) Norway

36. IUCN is an international union associated with which of the following?
1) Cure and Neutralisation
2) Consumption of Nutrients
3) Countries with Nuclear power
4) Conservation of Nature
5) None of above

37. On 9 April 2014, which Indian cricketer was named as one of the five cricketers of 2014 for his performance in 2013 by WISDEN?
1) Virat Kohli
2) Dhoni
3) Rohit Sharma
4) Ravichandran Ashwin
5) Shikhar Dhawan

38. Deodhar Trophy is associated with which of the following games?
1) Football
2) Hockey
3) Basketball
4) Cricket
5) None of above

39. Who is the winner of Deodhar Trophy 2014 ...........
1) East Zone
2) North Zone
3) West Zone
4) Central Zone
5) South Zone

40. TROPEX drill recently conducted by....
1) Indian Army
3) BSF
4) US Army on Indian soil
5) Indian Navy

41. The National Voters' Day is celebrated every year on which of the following dates in India?
1) 21 Jan
2) 22 Jan
3) 23 Jan
4) 24 Jan
5) 25 Jan

42. As per the data available with SEBI, the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have made net inflows of a staggering nearly .......... in the Indian stocks during fiscal
year 2013-14.
1) Rs.80,000 cr
2) Rs.70,000 cr
3) Rs.60,000 cr
4) Rs.90,000 cr
5) Rs.1,00,000 cr

1-5, 2-3, 3-5, 4-3, 5-5, 6-3, 7-5, 8-3, 9-5, 10-3
11-3, 12-5, 13-4, 14-3, 15-5, 16-1, 17-1, 18-5, 19-1, 20-3
21-1, 22-1, 23-5, 24-3, 25-3, 26-3, 27-3, 28-3, 29-3, 30-3
31-5, 32-1, 33-3, 34-3, 35-5, 36-4, 37-5, 38-4, 39-3, 40-5, 41-5, 42-1.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bank Exams General Awareness Practice Questions

India Watch 
  • Silverine Swer, Meghalaya's first Padma Shri Awardee died
  • India’s first Mono rail inaugurated
  • Harish Rawat appointed 8th Chief Minister of Uttrakhand
  • Surajkund International crafts Mela began in Haryana
  • Karnataka defeated Maharashtra to win the Ranji Trophy 2014
  • Scottish Parliament approved the Same Sex Marriage Bill
  • Union Government hiked FRP of Sugarcane by 10 rupees per quintal for 2014-15
  • Arunima Sinha awarded Amazing Indian Award
  • Vishwanath Tripathi selected for the Vyas Samman 2013
  • Abhinav Bindra won second gold medal in Inter Shoot Tri series Shooting
  • Bindra became 1st person to win three gold medals in Tri-series shooting
  • Sikkim became first state to achieve 100 percent sanitation coverage
  • NABARD under RIDF has sanctioned loans worth over 19100 crore rupees
  • Ranjit Bhatia, Olympian distance runner died
  • Cancer awareness programme launched by Yuvraj Singh
  • South Central Railway launched HYLITES
  • Kosnam Himalaya Singh appointed as Lieutenant General
  • Ashok Varadhan appointed co-head of securities division of Goldman Sachs
  • Karnataka won Irani Cup for the fifth time
  • Three-day long Desert Festival started in Jaisalmer
  • Satellite Centre of PGIMER, Chandigarh to be established at Sangrur
  • Union Government approved Pune Metro Rail Project
  • Union Government launched HIV Salvage Therapy
  • Mars Orbiter Spacecraft, Mangalyaan, completed 100 days
  • Assam became the First State to legally ban smokeless tobacco
  • Delhi Government approved Delhi Nagar Swaraj Bill
  • Union Government approved two plants to manufacture Semiconductor chips
  • Javed Miandad, former Pakistani cricketer resigned as Director-General of countries cricket
  • Union Government raised the import tariff value on gold and silver
  • Researchers at IIT Kharagpur developed ready-to-eat food paste for malnourished children
  • ONGC and OIL signed Production Sharing Contract in two water Blocks of Bangladesh
  • Hindi writer and Jnanpith Award winner Amar Kant died
  • Carnatic music Vocalist R K Srikantan died at 94
  • Quadricycle to run from 1 Oct 2014 across the country
  • Death sentence of 3 convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case commuted to life imprisonment
  • Telengana Bill passed in Lok Sabha
  • Worldfloat introduced Citydeals, a Social plus e-Commerce feature
  • Bharti Airtel Signed an Agreement with Loop Mobile
  • Government de-allocated six Coal Blocks due to delay in production
  • Parliament passed Street Vendors Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending Bill
  • People are free to adopt children irrespective of religious background: SC
  • Vice President released a book entitled Public Issues Before Parliament
  • CCEA approved National Mission for Green India
  • Cheteshwar Pujara named as brand ambassador of Gujarat Election Commission
  • P V Sindhu ranked 9th in BWF women’s Singles ranking
  • Union Cabinet approved the setting up Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Online Shopping Portal for authentic Tribal Products launched
  • Khajuraho Dance Festival began at Khajuraho in MP
  • Cabinet approved Odia as Classical Language
  • Bezbaruah Committee Constituted for the protection of rights of North Eastern people
  • Whistleblower Protection Bill passed by Union Legislature
  • United Bank of India CMD Archana Bhargava resigned
  • India successfully test-fired Akash missile from ITR Complex in Chandipur
  • NTPC signed MoU to Develop Kajra Thermal Project of 1320 MW in Bihar
  • Coca-Cola announced to set up Accelerator Programme TARGET in India
  • Delhi Waveriders won the 2nd edition of Hockey India League cup 2014
  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) announces to form a new concept called Joint Liability Group (JLG).
  • Supreme Court refers the petition seeking legalization of euthanasia to a five-judge Constitution Bench.
  • Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Gulam Nabi Azad inaugurates the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Bhubaneswar.
  • The largest 130-MW Solar Power Plant of India launched at Bhagwanpur in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Union Ministry of Environment & Forest approves field trials for Genetically Modified (GM) crops rice, wheat, cotton and maize.
  • Union Home Ministry constitutes G K Pillay Committee to study and examine the demand of a separate Bodoland state.
  • Chandi Prasad Bhatt, the noted Gandhian environmentalist and social activist selected for the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2013.
  • Union Cabinet approves the Mission document on the National Mission for sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem (NMSHE).
  • National Science Day observed on 28 February across India to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist CV Raman.
 Justice A K Ganguly resigned as chairman of WBHRC
 Government of India announced Jeevan Raksha Padak for 37 people
 Dhanu Yatra of Bargarh started in Odisha
 Reserve Bank of India selected CCIL as Legal Entity Identifier
 RBI allowed Indian companies to issue non-convertible debentures
 Prithvi II, the nuclear capable Surface-to-Surface missile, successfully test-fired
 Government launched India’s first comprehensive adolescent health programme
 Union Ministry of Human Resource Development announced Maulana Azad Taleem-e-Baligan scheme
 RBI panel recommended setting up of specialized banks to cater to low income households
 Munish Sharda appointed as MD and CEO of Future Generali Life
 Union Government introduced Know India Programme for young Overseas Indians 
 DRH issued new Guidelines to give psychological help to molestation victims
 Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards conferred by the President
 Nirbheek, India's first gun for women, launched
 Ministry of Environment and Forest approved Tawang II hydroelectric project
 World Hindi Day observed on 10 January
 CCEA approved renaming of Mill Gate Price Scheme as Yarn Supply Scheme
 Gorakhpur railway station entered Limca Book of Records as world’s longest platform
 Andhra Pradesh bagged Oil and Gas Conservation Award, 2013
 P.K.Goyal won Best CFO Award
 The Supreme Court of India directed the Government of India to place the report of Justice Shah Commission on illegal mining in Odisha and Jharkhand. 
 The Union Ministry of Rural Development decided to provide an additional wage employment of 50 days beyond the stipulated 100 days under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, MGNREGA for Scheduled Tribe (ST) households in forest areas. 
 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) included Hong Kong and Macau in the sensitive list of countries along with Pakistan and China. 
 Union Ministry for Road Transport and Highways celebrated 25th Road Safety Week. The theme for Road Safety Week this year was when on the road, always say Pahle Aap.
 Vice President releases the book titled Sangharsh Ke Safar Ka Nayak Mulayam written by Omveer Tomar.
 Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin spiritual head of the Dawoodi Bohra community died of cardiac arrest in Mumbai. He was 102. 
 Cyrus Mistry won the DSC prize 2014 for South Asian literature for his book Chronicles of a Corpse Bearer. Mistry was awarded with a cash price of 50000 dollars at Jaipur International Literature Festival 2014. 
 Union Government of India extended the implementation of National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013 to the States of Karnataka and Chhattisgarh.
 Union Cabinet granted minority status to Jain community across India 
 Union Cabinet approved to set up Rail Tariff Authority 
 Aruna Bahuguna first woman to be appointed chief of National Police Academy
 Veerappa Moily formed MOT to reassess Hydrocarbon Resources of India
 Viscera test must in death due to poisoning: SC
 Kailash Meghwal elected as the Speaker of Rajasthan Assembly 
 Sudhir Mahato, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Jharkhand died 
 Dr. Tej Vir Singh won the UNWTO Ulysses Prize
 LPG Connection Portability Scheme launched
 Currency notes issued before 2005 to be withdrawn: RBI
 Garuda Vasudha Advanced Light Helicopter of Geological Survey of India launched 
 Finance Ministry nod for 1000 rupees minimum monthly pension plan
 NALSA launched free legal service clinics across the country 
 Union Government launched National Waterway-4 project in Tamil Nadu 
 National Girl Child Day observed on 24 January
 Aviation ministry removed V.P. Agrawal from position of AAI chairman
 59th Idea Filmfare Awards 2013: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Bags Seven Awards 
 National Communal Harmony Awards 2013 won by Centre for Study of Society and Secularism 
 The Election Commission of India celebrated the 4th National voters Day: 25 January
 Pitroda Committee submit report to Information and Broadcasting Ministry
 Dhruva-3 indigenous High Performance Computing System inaugurated 
 Padma Awards for the Year 2014 announced on the Eve of 65th Republic Day of India 
 Ela Gandhi honoured with Amadelkufa in South Africa 
 Karl Slym, MD of Tata Motors died after falling from hotel building in Bangkok
 Saina won Syed Modi International India Grand Prix title 
 MS Dhoni became first captain to play in four tied ODIs
 Ela Gandhi honoured with Amadelkufa in South Africa 
 Union Civil Aviation Ministry removed restrictions on Airbus A-380 in India
 India Post to install 3000 ATM & 1.35 lakh micro-ATM by September 2015 
 EGoM approved SUC of 5 percent of annual Gross Revenue on all new airwaves 
 NIC and Union Ministry of MSME launched India Inclusive Innovation Fund
 India won gold in men's Basketball at Lusofonia Games
 Ajoy Misra elevated as the CEO and MD of Tata Global Beverages Limited
 Anand Kumar, the founder of Super30 got Ramanujan Mathematics award 
 Union Ministry of Rural Development signed MoU with Digital Green 
 TRAI released Working Guidelines for Spectrum Trading 
 RBI raised Repo Rate by 25 basis points to 8 percent 
 India ranked lowest in International Intellectual Property Index 
 Manoj Kohli appointed as MD&CEO of non telecom businesses of Bharti Enterprises 
 National Waqf Development Corporation Limited inaugurated by Prime Minister 
 EC to CEOs of States: Make standardized voting compartment at Polling station 
 Cantilever Pamban Bridge completed 100 years
 Sumit Malik stripped off gold medal for anti-doping violation 
 Tax exemption for Olympics, CWG and Asian Games winners 
 Six PSUs signed MoU to set up World’s largest Solar Power Project 
 NIT Odisha developed technology to turn Plastic into fuel
 Dhoni is 4th fastest batsman to score 8000 runs in ODIs

World Watch 
  • Olympic torch lit on Mount Elbrus, Russia's highest point
  • World Wetland Day celebrated across the globe
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Oscar-winning American actor died
  • Joshna Chinappa won Winnipeg Open title
  • First Paperless Public Library of World BiblioTech opened in USA
  • Saudi Arabia King ordered jail terms ranging 3-30 years for mercenaries fighting outside country
  • Olympic flame reached Sochi after crossing Oceans, North Pole and Space
  • Libya destroyed entire chemical arsenal
  • Danish amputee first in the world to get Bionic Hand
  • Union Ministry of Culture and Tate signed MoU
  • President of Israel Shimon Peres set a new Guinness World record
  • Sangakkara became second cricketer to hit triple century and a century in same match
  • US Navy ANM66 bomb, the largest ever WWII bomb was successfully dismantled
  • Srinivasan elected as the new Chairman of ICC from July 2014 onwards
  • Yulia Lipnitskaya is the youngest Russian to win gold medal in Winter Olympics
  • Kamar Ahmad Simon won Golden Conch Award of MIFF 2014
  • Scientists discovered new River Dolphin Species in Amazon; this is first discovery in 100 years
  • Domestic Content requirement of India’s Solar Mission challenged by US
  • India and Netherlands signed MoU on Renewable energy
  • China and Taiwan hold first official level talks since 1949
  • Volcano Mount Kelud of Indonesia erupted
  • Belgium became second country to allow Mercy Killing for Children
  • India and Kyrgyz Republic signed two agreements
  • Bubba Watson won Northern Trust Open
  • Peng Shuai of China ranked World No. 1 in WTA Doubles Ranking
  • World Bridge Championship to be hosted by India in 2015
  • Country’s first wild dog breeding centre to be created IGZP in Vizag
  • New Zealand won two-Cricket Test series against India 1-0
  • Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion dollar
  • India and Bahrain signed Agreements to expand Cooperation in Key Areas
  • WB and UNICEF launched campaign about safe drinking water and Sanitation
  • International Mother Language Day observed across the world on 21 February 2014
  • UNSC adopted resolution to boost humanitarian aid access in Syria
  • Matteo Renzi sworn-in as PM of Italy
  • Oleksandr Turchynov appointed as interim President of Ukraine
  • G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meet
  • The Ugandan President Yoweri-Museveni signs anti-gay bill which imposes tough penalties for homosexual acts.
  • The Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) agrees to organise Nepal-India Economic Summit every year.
  • Harold Ramis, the American actor, writer and director of classic comedy films died in Chicago.
  • Ibrahim Mahlab sworn in as new Egypt Prime Minister. He is a former member of Hosni Mubarak's political party.
  • Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor awarded with Israel’s highest civilian honour, the Israeli Presidential Medal of Distinction.
  • India and Saudi Arabia sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on defence cooperation pact to take their strategic partnership further in areas of security.
  • Turkish president Abdullah Gul approves the bill on restricting the judicial powers.
  • Legendary Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia passes away in Mexico.
  • India and Israel signs an agreement on Cooperation in Public and Homeland security.
  • Britain unveils the world's largest aircraft. 
  • A US company Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) plans to build an Outernet - a global network of cube satellites broadcasting Internet data to all the people on the planet - for free.
  • India and Iran agree to take a decision on Chabahar Port by March 2014
 Latvia became the 18th member of the Euro zone. 
 Pakistan announced its plan to set up seven functional nuclear plants of 1100 MW each by 2030.
 India and Maldives signed 3 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) in the field of Health, Exchange of Personnel and Human resource.
 India announced a new rule to vaccinate against polio to the travellers from Pakistan would be implemented from 14 February 2014. 
 Tropical storm One struck the east coast north of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
 China to be become a partner in the proposed NIMZ in Andhra Pradesh
 US Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as next Chairperson of Federal Reserve
 Astronomers discovered Earth's gassy twin 200 light years away
 Malaysia invited IITs to open its centre
 Ali Larayedh, the Prime Minister of Tunisia resigned
 Exceptionally Rare Conjoined Whales discovered
 Israel’s Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon died
 71st Golden Globe Awards 2014 announced
 New eyewear system developed to give ‘superhuman’ vision
 Bank of Japan and RBI concluded an agreement to raise BSA to 50 billion dollar
 Sheikh Hasina sworn-in as Bangladesh Prime Minister
 India and Canada sign Letter of Intent (LOI) for co-operation in Iron and Steel Sector. 
 India and South Korea signed pacts in different areas to deepen economic cooperation and bolster defence engagements. 
 Hery Rajaonarimampianina, a former Finance Minister of Madagascar declared as the new President of Madagascar. 
 According to a global analysis by World Health Organisation (WHO), Peshawar in Pakistan has the largest number of polio cases in the world in 2013. 
 Silvio Berlusconi, founder head of the Forza Italia party and Matteo Renzi, leader of Democratic Party (PD) signed a deal on electoral reforms in Italy. 
 The Report Working for the Few released by Oxfam
 Bihar's turnaround analysed at London School of Economics 
 Dexter, Private Information Stealing Virus, detected in online banking transactions
 India-born Prof A J Paulraj won 2014 Marconi Prize
 Emergency rule imposed in Thailand capital Bangkok for two months 
 Chilika lagoon named Destination Flyways by UNWTO
 Indus Civilization ended due to Disease and violence 
 Richard Quest won 2013 UNWTO Lifetime Achievement Award 
 Shane Warne to mentor Australia's spinners for World T20 Tournament
 OCA recognized Russian martial art Sambo and is now a part of Asian Games 
 NASA rover Opportunity found Mars had life friendly fresh water 
 India Women Cricket team won one day series against Sri Lanka 3-0
 MS Dhoni became first captain to play in four tied ODIs
 Australia won ODI series against England by 4-1
 Stanislas Wawrinka won Australian Open Men’s title
 Australia won ODI series against England by 4-1
 Karl Slym, MD of Tata Motors died after falling from hotel building in Bangkok 
 Samsung and Google signed Global Patent Agreement
 Stanislas Wawrinka won Australian Open Men’s title
 Google purchased DeepMind Technologies of UK
 India and Japan inked MoUs to strengthen cooperation in tourism and power generation 
 Russia and China to conduct war games in the Mediterranean Sea from 1 February 
 Pete Seeger, Songwriter and Champion of Folk Music, Died
 Raymond Weil, the pioneer of Swiss watch died
 First multi-coloured 3D Printer launched
 ICC approved introduction of International Women’s Championship 
 GVK BIO and Aragen Bioscience signed Definitive Agreement to acquire Aragen Bioscience 
 Tunisia’s new government of independents headed by Mehdi Jomaa sworn in
 Indian Rupee to be a legal tender in Zimbabwe
 First online Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas launched
 Kiwi Kathy Cross is first woman in ICC Umpire's Panel
 India and Netherlands signed MoU for cooperation in field of Sports 
 India and Fiji signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement 
 World’s oldest flamingo died at Adelaide Zoo of Australia
 IUCN Red List has completed 50 years of its existence