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IBPS - Regional Rural Banks Office Assistants General Awareness Questions (Exam Held on: 20-09-2014 - Morning Shift)

  1. Who is the Home Minister of India - Rajnath Singh
  2. What is the Current rate of CRR- 4%
  3. Agartala is capital of which of state ? - Tripura
  4. Yogeshwar Datta related with which Sport - wrestler
  5. Bank of Rajasthan Merged with which bank ? - ICICI
  6. Oslo is the capital of which country ? Norway
  7. What is the current rate of SLR ? 22 %
  8. Who is H.R.Khan ? Dy. Governer of RBI
  9. What is the full form of Qip ? - Qualified Institutional Placement
  10. Who is the PM of United Kingdom ? - David Cameroon
  11. Who is the current IMF head ? - Christine Lagarde
  12. Double fault is related to which games ? - Tennis
  13. Who is the head of Press Council of India ? - Markandaye Katju
  14. Interest fee cap on home loans – 2 lakhs
  15. Who is H.R. Khan- Deputy governor of RBI
  16. Who is the current railway minister ? - Sadananda Gowda
  17. What is the Full Form of SEBI - Security Exchange Board of India
  18. According to social responsibility tax,tax is levied on company worth more than ? – 1000cr
  19. Which country achieved highest GDP in 2001-2010 – United States
  20. What is the route of the Fastest Train in India ? - Delhi to Agra
  21. K R Kamath is the CMD of which bank ? - Punjab National Bank
  22. Gulberg Hill Station is Located in- Jammu and Kashmir
  23. Who was the Founder of Congress ? -Allan Octavian Hume
  24. Rory Mcllroy is related to which game ? - Golf
  25. In the budget, how many new AIIMS institutes were decided to be made – 4
  26. Modi visited which country in August First Week ? - Nepal
  27. What is the initial capital of payment bank ? - 100 cr
  28. Who is the current Bihar C.M. ? - Jitan Ram Manjhi

IBPS - Regional Rural Banks Office Assistants General Awareness Questions (Exam Held on: 20-09-2014 - Evening Shift)

1.    Jandhan Yojna insurance amount – Rs 1 Lakh

2.    Who is Cristiano Ronaldo – Football player

3.    Vistara is name of air lines of  which  two companies – Tata & Singapore airlines

4.    Govt want to revamped labour law ,why?

5.    Who is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: Indian investor and Trader

6.    44MW Hydro power project inaugurated by PM in which state – Jammu & Kashmir

7.    James Rodriguez belongs to which sports: Football

8.    Germany defeated Brazil in FIFA world cup by what score – 7-1

9.    Full form of CRR – Cash Reserve Ratio

10.  Which  bank will provide mobile banking facility  in its 1st phase: 75% of the market value of your gold

11.  How many countries are member of  SAARC - 8

12.  Thambi Durai related to AIADMK

13.  Who is Mallikarjun Kharge - the leader of the Indian National Congress party in the 16th Lok Sabha

14.  Buenos Aires - Capital of Argentina

15.   Second most populated city – Delhi

16.  Who is Dayanidhi Maran - Former Telecom Minister

17.  OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

18.  River cleaning: Project Ganga

19.  Mithali Raj is - Captain of Indian Women's Cricket team

20.  Who is Gagan Narang - Indian shooter

21.  National Academy for Customs & Excise at Hindupur in: Andhra Pradesh


1. State Bank of India celebrated 150 years of its operations in which of the following countries in
September 2014?
1) Sri Lanka
2) Mauritius
3) China
4) Vietnam
5) None of these

2. The 17th Asian Games are started on 2014 September 19 in which of the following cities?
1) Seoul
2) Incheon
3) Busan
4) Beijing
5) Hanoi

3. Who won the Indonesian Masters Grand Prix Gold badminton title in Palembang, Indonesia on 2014 September 14?
1) Parupalli Kashyap
2) Aravind Bhat
3) H.S. Prannoy
4) R.V. Gurusaidutt
5) None of these

4. Who is the author of the book "Strictly Personal: Manmohan and Gursharan"?
1) Shashi Tharoor
2) Sanjay Baru
3) P.C. Parakh
4) Daman Singh
5) Natwar Singh

5. International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is celebrated on?
1) September 5
2) September 8
3) September 15
4) September 18
5) September 16

6. Who has been appointed as the President-elect of the International Economic Association (IEA)?
1) Amartya Sen
2) Rakesh Mohan
3) Jagdeesh Bhagwathi
4) Kaushik Basu
5) Aravind Subramanyam

7. Frank Walter Steinmeier visited India in September 2014. He is the Foreign Minister of?
1) France
2) Spain
3) Germany
4) Poland
5) Portugal

8. 'And Then One Day' is the autobiography of which of the following film actors?
1) Waheeda Rehman
2) Dilip Kumar
3) Anupam Kher
4) Naseeruddin Shah
5) Amol Palekar

9. India's second nuclear fuel complex will come up at?
1) Kota, Rajasthan
2) Jhajjar, Haryana
3) Mysore, Karnataka
4) Cuttack, Odisha
5) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

10. In which of the following places atomic plants are proposed?
1) Gorakhpur
2) Jaitapur
3) Mithi Virdhi
4) Both 1 and 2
5) All 1, 2 and 3

11. Which of the following books is written by Hindi author Govind Mishra?
1) Abhi Bilkul Abhi
2) Yahan Se Dekho
3) Vyomkesh Darvesh
4) Dhool Paudho Par
5) None of these

12. India topped the medals tally in the Asian Grand Prix archery championship held in March
2014 in which of the following cities?
1) Tokyo
2) Hong Kong
3) Bangkok
4) New Delhi
5) Tehran

13. Who was appointed as the first woman Director (Commercial) of Navratna Public Sector Unit,
National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) recently?
1) Aditi Khanna
2) Soma Mandal
3) Nishi Vasudeva
4) Archana Bhargava
5) Aditi Mukherjee

14. Who is the author of the book "From the Ruins of Empire"?
1) Romila Thapar
2) Kushwant Singh
3) Pankaj Mishra
4) Prasoon Joshi
5) None of these

15. The Indian Navy inducted an indigenously built New- generation Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV) into its fleet recently. What is its name?
1) INS Ranvijay
2) INS Sumedha
3) INS Ranvir
4) INS Ranjit
5) INS Rajput

16. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is in the news recently. It is situated in?
1) West Bengal
2) Tripura
3) Assam
 4) Meghalaya
5) Odisha

17. Which public sector bank has launched Instant Money Transfer (IMT) scheme, an innovative domestic money remittance facility?
1) Indian Bank
2) Indian Overseas Bank
3) Bank of Baroda
4) Bank of India
5) Punjab National Bank

18. According to the regulatory guidelines, the monthly withdrawal limit prescribed for Instant Money Transfer transaction is how many rupees for receiver?
1) Rs. 25,000
2) Rs.10,000
3) Rs. 50,000
4) Rs. 40,000
5) None of these

19. Who won the 2014 Pritzker Prize for Architecture?
1) Kenzo Tange
2) Oscar Niemeyer
3) Shigeru Ban
4) Aldo Rossi
5) None of these

20. Missy Franklin is the Laureaus Sportswoman of the Year. She is associated with which of the following sports?
1) Gymnastics
2) Swimming
3) Athletics
4) Tennis
5) Squash

21. Indian journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary won which of the following awards/prizes in 2014?
1) Digital Activism Award
2) Pulitzer Prize
3) IAA Olive Crown Award
4) Yale Literary Prize
5) None of these

22. The 2014 International Women of Courage Award was presented by the US first lady Michelle
Obama to?
1) Manasi Pradhan
2) Vartika Nanda
3) Seema Sakhare
4) Radha Prashanti
5) Laxmi

23. Mortal remains of about 282 Indian soldiers of 1857 mutiny were exhumed from a well at Ajnala recently. Ajnala is a town in?
1) Rajasthan
2) Uttar Pradesh
3) Punjab
4) Uttarakhand
5) Haryana

24. As per the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) which is the world's largest arms importer?
1) India
2) China
3) Pakistan
4) UAE
5) Saudi Arabia

25. India took part in a multilateral Humanitarian Assistance/ Disaster Relief (HA/DR) Exercise, KOMODO, conducted in which of the following countries?
1) China
2) South Korea
3) Japan
4) Vietnam
5) Indonesia

26. The Reserve Bank of India has recently extended the deadline for banks to meet capital requirements under the Basel III norms by a year to?
1) 2015 March 31
2) 2019 March 31
3) 2016 March 31
4) 2017 March 31
5) None of these

27. A Reserve Bank of India panel on credit information submitted its report to RBI recently. This
panel is headed by Aditya Puri, the Managing Director of?
1) Yes Bank
2) Axis Bank
3) HDFC Bank
4) IndusInd Bank
5) Kotak Mahindra Bank

28. Who won the 2014 All England Open badminton men's singles title?
1) Lee Chong Wei
2) Chen Long
3) Simon Santoso
4) Viktor Axelsen
5) Tian Houwei

29. Vidya Pillai is the women's national champion in which of the following sports?
1) Squash
2) Shooting
3) Archery
4) Snooker
5) None of these

30. Laura Massaro is the women's world open squash champion. She belongs to?
1) Canada
2) Mexico
3) England
4) Portugal
5) Argentina

31. Which country will host the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit?
1) USA
2) India
3) China
4) Russia
5) Argentina

32. MI-17 V5 series helicopters were inducted by the Indian Air Force in March 2014. These are made in?
1) USA
2) Russia
3) Israel
4) France
5) Japan

33. With which sport is Deodhar Trophy associated?
1) Football
2) Volleyball
3) Cricket
4) Hockey
5) Badminton

34. Who won the World Candidates Chess tournament at Khanty Mansisyk, Russia on 2014 March 30?
1) Magnus Carlsen
2) Peter Svidler
3) Vaselin Topalov
4) Viswanathan Anand
5) None of these

35. Andrej Kiska, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, assumed office as the new President of
which of the following European countries on 2014 June 15?
1) Latvia
2) Slovenia
3) Czech Republic
4) Bulgaria
5) Slovakia

36. The abbreviation PKI stands for?
1) Public Key Infrastructure
2) Personal Key Infrastructure
3) Private Key Infrastructure
4) Permanent Key Infrastructure
5) Proprietary Key Infrastructure

1) 1 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4 5) 5 6) 4 7) 3 8) 4 9) 1 10) 5
11) 4 12) 3 13) 2 14) 3 15) 2 16) 3 17) 4 18) 1 19) 3 20) 2
21) 1 22) 5 23) 3 24) 1 25) 5 26) 2 27) 3 28) 1 29) 4 30) 3
31) 1 32) 2 33) 3 34) 4 35) 5 36) 1

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


1. NRI (Non-Resident Indian) and POI (Person of Indian Origin) can open deposit accounts in India. Which of the following statements is wrong?
1) Without the permission from the RBI, NRI and POI can open few accounts in India.
2) Both NRI and POI should open the account only with an authorized dealer in India.
3) A bank authorized to deal in foreign exchange is called authorized dealer in this context.
4) To open the account, the state government permission need where the bank head office located.
5) However Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account (NRO Account) can be opened in the post offices in India in the rupees denomination.

2. FEMA Act 1999 says 'A person resident outside India means a person who is not resident in India'. FEMA stands for ............
1) Foreign Exchange Management Act
2) Foreign Excel Management Act
3) Foreign Exchange Merchant Act
4) Foreign Enroll Management Act
5) None of above

3. Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account (NRO Account) must be .........
1) Savings account only
2) Current account only
3) Recurring Deposit account only
4) Fixed Deposit account only
5) All above type of accounts can be opened in NRO account

4. In the Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account (NRO Account) ............
1) American dollars can be deposited only.
2) Any foreign exchange can be deposited.
3) Both Indian and foreign exchange can be accepted.
4) Only Indian rupees accepted.
5) None of above

5. The prior approval of Reserve Bank of India essential for the opening of NRO accounts by individual/ entities of Pakistan and ..........
1) USA
2) UK
3) Nepal
4) Sri Lanka
5) Bangladesh

6. In the savings deposits accounts of NRO accounts, the rate of interest determined by .........
1) RBI
2) Government of India
3) Indian bank association
4) Banks
5) None of above

7. Whether joint accounts are allowed in NRO account?
1) No.
2) Yes, but both should be Non Resident Indians only.
3) Yes, the joint account can be held jointly with residents and / or with non-resident Indian also.
4) Yes, the joint account can be held jointly with residents and / or with non-resident Indian but one of them must have a saving account already in India.
5) None of above

8. The foreign tourist during their short visit to India can open a Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee (NRO) Account?
1) No.
2) Yes, the consent of RBI necessary.
3) Yes, but the consent of President of India necessary.
4) No, as it is against to BASEL III principles
5) Yes, but such account can be opened up to a maximum period of 6 months.

9. Whether the NRO Account be used for making local payments?
1) No.
2) Yes, but he can not spend not more than Rs.50,000 any time paying to any resident.
3) Yes, but payments to residents exceeding Rs.50,000 can be made only by means of cheques / Demand Drafts etc.
4) Yes, but payments to residents exceeding Rs.1,00,000 can be made only by means of cheques / Demand Drafts etc.
5) None of above

10. A Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account holder can have nomination facility?
1) Yes
2) No
3) Yes, but the account holder must be elder
4) Yes, but the foreign government consent necessary
5) None of above

11. Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account (NRE Account) must be in the form of which account?
1) Savings account only
2) Current account and Recurring Account only
3) Fixed Deposits only
4) All of above
5) None of above

12. NRE Account can be opened by the NRI and the account will be maintained ..........
1) In US Dollars and UK Pounds only
2) In Indian Rupees and US Dollars only
3) In any foreign exchange
4) In Indian Rupees only
5) None of above

13. Details of Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account (NRE Account) given. Locate the wrong option.
1) Balances held in the NRE account are repatriable.
2) Accrued interest income and the balances exempt from Income Tax.
3) Banks are free to determine the interest rates on term deposits of maturity of one year and above.
4) Loans not at all permitted in this account.
5) None of above

14. Foreign Currency (Non Resident) Account (Bank) [FCNR (B) Account] available to NRIs. Which type of account available for the account holder?
1) Term Deposit only
2) Savings deposit only
3) Joint Account and one of them must be foreigner only
5) None of above

15. Foreign Currency (Non Resident) Account (Bank) familiarly called FCNR (B) Account
are only in the form of term deposits of .......
1) 1 to 5 years
2) 2 to 6 years
3) 1 to 10 years
4) 90 days to 365 days
5) None of above

16. Which of the investment facility not available to NRI as per the present rules of RBI?
1) NRI can purchase any government dated securities / Treasury bills on repatriation basis with out any limit.
2) He can buy non-convertible debentures of a company incorporated in India.
3) He can buy Units of domestic mutual funds with out any limit.
4) He can buy perpetual debt instruments and debt capital instruments issued by banks in India.
5) All above investment facilities available to NRIs.

17. Which private bank has become the biggest employer in the private banking sector having more than 72,000 employees in the FY 2013-14?
1) TMB
2) Axis Bank
5) Kotak Mahindra Bank

18. Which international monetary organization signed a $107-million credit agreement for the
road linkage of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar on 28 August 2014?
1) IDA
2) ODA
4) IFC
5) ADB

19. Banks and Financial Institutions empowered to recover non-performing assets without the intervention of the court by using SARFAESI Act. SARFAESI stands for .......
1) Securities and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
2) Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
3) Securitisation and Recovery of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
4) Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Endorsement of Security Interest Act
5) None of above

20. SARFAESI Act was passed in ........
1) 1984
2) 1934
3) 1969
4) 2002
5) 1999

21. SARFAESI Act provides three alternative methods for recovery of non-performing assets. They are ............
1) Securitisation, asset rebuilding and enforcement of security without the intervention of the court
2) Fee to process loan, asset reconstruction and enforcement of security without the intervention of the court
3) Securitisation, asset reconstruction and enforcement of security with the intervention of the court
4) Securitisation, asset reconstruction and enforcement of security without the intervention of the court
5) None of above

22. The SARFAESI Act 2002 applicable only for NPA (Non-Performing Assets) having outstanding ............
1) Above Rs.10 Lakh only
2) Above Rs.20 Lakh only
3) Above Rs.50 Lakh only
4) Above Rs.30 Lakh only
5) Above Rs.1 Lakh only

23. NPA loan accounts where the amount is less than .............. of the principal and interest are not eligible to be dealt with under the SARFAESI Act 2002.
1) 30%
2) 25%
3) 40%
4) 20%
5) None

24. Under the SARFAESI Act 2002, NPAs should be backed by securities charged to the bank by way of ..........
1) Mortgage only
2) Hypothecation only
3) Assignment
4) All of above
5) None of above

25. As per the SARFAESI Act, if the borrower / guarantor aggrieved by the action of the Bank can file an appeal with DRT. DRT stands for ...............
1) Debt Recovery Tribunal
2) Deal Recovery Tribunal
3) Doubt Recovery Tribunal
4) Debt Recovery Tutorial
5) None

1-4, 2-1, 3-5, 4-4, 5-5, 6-4, 7-3, 8-5, 9-3, 10-1
11-4, 12-4, 13-4, 14-1, 15-1, 16-5, 17-3, 18-3, 19-2, 20-4, 21-4, 22-5, 23-4, 24-4, 25-1.

Monday, September 15, 2014


1. Vikas Gowda won a gold medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in which of the following sports?
a) Weightlifting
b) Shooting
c) Wrestling
d) Discus throw
e) None of these

2. Reuven Rivlin is the new President of which of the following countries?
a) Germany
b) Israel
c) Austria
d) Hungary
e) Romania

3. Which of the following teams was placed third in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
a) Germany
b) Argentina
c) Netherlands
d) Brazil
e) Belgium

4. Who were runners up in FIFAWorld Cup 2014?
a) Germany
b) Netherlands
c) Argentina
d) Brazil
e) Colombia

5. Who is the Present Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
a) Sumitra Mahajan
b) Arun Jaitely
c) Gulam Nabi Azad
d) P. J. Kurien
e) P. Sreedharan

6. 56th Annual Grammy Awards "Song of the Year"?
a) I Will Wait
b) I Cry
c) One More Night
d) Royals
e) Passenger

7. Name the Chairman of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)?
a) Shekar Basu
b) Dr. M. Y. S. Prasad
c) K. Radha Krishnan
d) Ranjit Biswal
e) N. Srinivasan

8. Who got the "India's Global Icon of the Year" award?
a) Amir khan
b) Amitabh Bachchan
c) Narendra modi
d) Rajini kanth
e) Abdul kalam

9. Which film bagged Best Film in BAFTAAwards 2014?
a) 12 Years a Slave
b) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
c) The Flick
d) The Goldfinch
e) Margaret Fuller

10. What is the official currency of Argentina?
a) Argentine Peso
b) Argentine Real
c) Argentine Pula
d) Argentine Dollar
e) Argentine Rope

11. Cricketer of the year of CEAT Awards is bagged by:
a) Shikhar Dhawan (India)
b) Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
c) Virat Kohli (India)
d) Mitchell Jonson (Australia)
e) Glenn Maxwell (Australia)

12. Who among the following was conferred Padma Vibhushan during this year?
a) Dr. Raghunath A. Mashelkar,
Science and Engineering
b) Shri B.K.S. Iyengar
c) Shri T.H. Vinayakram, Art - Ghatam Artist, Tamil Nadu
d) Dr. Thirumalachari Ramasami, Science and Engineering, Delhi
e) Smt Rani Karnaa, Art - Kathak, West Bengal

13. Who is the Secretary General of SAARC (The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)?
a) Takehiko Nakao
b) Jose Manuel Barroso
c) Nkosazana Dilmini Zuma
d) Le luong Minh Jakartha
e) Arjun Bahadur Thapa

14. K. V. Chowdary is the Chairman of:
a) ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)
b) PAC (Public Accounts Committee)
c) CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes)
d) SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
e) ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations)

15. The Budget 2014-15 extends ____ per cent withholding tax on corporate bonds until June 30, 2017:
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
e) 7

16. The Budget 2014-15 raises limit on foreign direct investment in defence sector to ____ per cent from ____ percent:
a) 49; 25
b) 46; 26
c) 47; 25
d) 48; 26
e) 49; 26

17. World Literacy Day is observed on
a) Sep 5
b) Aug 6
c) Sep 8
d) Oct 24
e) Dec 7

18. LASIK surgery is gaining widespread popularity and acceptance by people who are not friendly with the eye-glasses. What is the full form of LASIK?
a) Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis
b) Laser-Assayed In-Situ Keratomileusis
c) Laser-Assisted Inhibited Keratomileusis
d) Laser-Assayed Inhibited Keratomileusis
e) None of these

19. "Arka Rakshak" is a famous variet y of __?
a) Tomato
b) Potato
c) Brinjal
d) Orange
e) Apple

20. Dr. Noel W. Hinners, a former Chief Scientist of NASA has recently passed away. What is the name of the space program on which he had worked extensively and given significant contributions?
a) Project Mercury
b) Project Gemini
c) Project Apollo
d) Project Soyuz
e) Project Jupiter

1) d; 2) b; 3) c; 4) c; 5) d; 6) d; 7) c; 8) b; 9) a; 10) a;
11) c; 12) b; 13) e; 14) c; 15) c; 16) e; 17) c: 18) a: 19) a: 20) c

Saturday, September 13, 2014


1. What is the full form of the term 'NPA' as used in banking environment ?
a. Not profitable Assets 
b. New potential Accounts  
c. Non-Performing Assets     
d. Net performing Assets  
e. None of the above

2. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is now known by which of the following names?
a. Indira Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act       
b. Rajiv Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act
c. Jawaharlal Nehru Rural Employment Guarantee Act     
d. Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act      
e. None of these

3. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is wing/agency of the
a. World Bank       
b. United Nations Organization   
c. Asian Development Bank    
d. Ministry of Agriculture Government of India   
e. None of these

4. Planning commission started in _____________ year ?
a. 1950      
b. 1951        
c. 1952      
d. 1953       
e. 1954

5. NDC started in ___________ year?
a. 1950      
b. 1951      
c. 1952     
d. 1953        
e. 1954

6. Which of the following states has the maximum number of Sugar mills?
a. Bihar      
b. Rajasthan       
c. Gujarat  
d. Haryana       
e. Uttar Pradesh

7. Expand the term NREGA
a. National Rural Employment Guara ntee Agency       
b. National Rural Electrification Gover ning Agency
c. National Rural Employment Guara ntee Act       
d. New Rural Employment Guarantee Agency   
e. None of these

8. The organization of the South East Asian countries is known as …..
a. OPEC      
b. ASEAN      
 c. NATO    
d. UNCTAD      

9. A bank normally does not have to deal with an issue related to
a. Payments and settlement systems       
b. Contractual right of creditors   
c. Intellectual property rights    
d. Cases of insolvency  
e. Coordination between regulators acti ve in banking/ financial sectors

10. Transport of goods by which of the following is free levy of the Service Tax?
a. Indian Railways     
b. Shipping Companies owned by NIRs   
c. All private road transport companies    
d. By the transport corporation of India in its own special containers   
e. None of the above

11. The rate of interest, banks charge to its main/major and prime customers is popularly called as
a. Risk premium     
b. Prime Lending Rate   
c. Repo Rate   
d. Reverse Repo Rate   
e. Cost of fund

12.Which of the following is NOT considered as a parameter for defining the Below Poverty Line (BPL) status of persons?
a. Food security     
b. Marital Status 
c. Debt    
d. Literacy 
e. Land holdings

13.Which of the following is/are NOT called the types of Inflation?
(1) Cost push     
(2) Real wages     
(3) Demand pull
a. Only 1      
b. Only 2       
c.Only 3     
d.Only 1 and 2       
e. Only 2 and 3

14. Which of the following is the full form of the term SLR as used in the banking sector?
a. Social Lending Ratio     
b. Statutory Liquidity Ratio  
c. Scheduled Liqui8dity Rate   
d. Separate Lending Rate   
e. None of the above

15. Which of the following schemes of the Govt. of India is associated which the health sector?
a. NRDP     
b. IRDP       
c. ASHA        
d. Bharat Nirman       
e. All of these

16. Which of the following is NOT the abbreviated name of the scheme launched for watershed development in India?
a. DPAP      
b. DDP       
c. VHNDs      
d. IWDP       
e. Hariyali

17. Which of the following is NOT a function of Bank?
a. Providing project finance      
b. Selling Mutual Funds    
c. Deciding policy rates like CRR, Repo rate/SLR etc
d. Settlement of payments on behalf of the customers          
e. All of these are functions of bank

18. Which of the following is a form of "Small Savings Bank" popular among the poor or children?
a. Core Banking       
b. Credit Banking      
c. Debit Card       
d.Merchant Banking    
e. Piggy Banking

19. Which of the following is a Horticulture Crop?
a. Paddy     
b. Wheat       
c. Mango      
d. Bajara       
e. None of these

20. Which of the following nations is considered the originator of the concept of Micro finance?
a. India       
b. Bangladesh     
c. South Africa      
d. USA       
e. None of these

21. India's first transgenic crop was
a. Potato     
b. Brinjal      
c. Sugarcane       
d. Bt cotton      
e. None of these

22. Government normally does not announce the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of
a. Wheat      
b. Paddy     
c. Sugarcane      
d. Jute      
e. All of these

23. Banks borrow money from the RBI on which of the following rates?
a. Bank rate      
 b. CRR        
c. SLR     
d. Reverse Repo Rate       
e. Repo Rate

24. What is the abbreviation of 'PPP'?
a. Perfect, Preferred and Protected        
b. Point to Point Protocol    
c. Power Point Presentation  
d. Purchasing Power Parity    
e. None of above

25. Which of the following is one of the most successful programmes under Bharat Nirman?
a. PradhanMantri Gram SadakYojana      
b. Watershed Development Sheme  
c. Rajiv Gandhi Grammen Vidyutikaran Yojana
d. Indira AwasYojana      
e. None of the above

26. The letter 'D' stands for which of the following in the abbreviated name OECD? (Organization of Economic Cooperation and ……)
a. Defence     
b. Directions    
c. Dominance     
d. Development    
e. Devaluation

27. The "World Economic Outlook" is published by which of the following organizations regularly?
a. World Bank    
b. International Monetary Fund  
c. Asian Development Bank  
d. World Trade Organization      
e.None of above

28. The New India Assurance Company was established in 1919 by
a. Dorab Tata     
b. GD Birla    
c. Jamunalal Bajaj      
d. KamlapatSinghania      
e. None of these

29. "No Tobacco Day" is observed every year on
a. 1st May      
b. 1st June       
c. 31st May   
d. 30th June       
e. None of these

30. Which of the following schemes was launched recently to make Indian cities free from slums?
a. Bharat Nirman     
b. Indira VikashYojana     
c. Indira AwasYojana    
d. Rajiv AwasYojana       
e. None of these

31. The sex ratio in India is higher in which of the following states ? (Females 1084) are more than per thousand males)
a. Maharashtra      
b. Kerala         
c. Manipur        
d. Assame        
e. Karnataka

32. Which of the following countries is NOT a member of ASEAN?
a. Myanmar       
b. Singapore       
c. China        
d. Vietnam        
e. Malaysia

33. Which is the meant by "Under writing" the term frequently used in financial sector?
a. Under valuation of the assets    
b. The Act of taking on a risk for a fee     
c. Giving a guarantee that a loan will not become a bad loan
d.The act of permission to float an IPO       
e. None of the above

34. 'Yen' is the currency of
a. China     
b. France       
c. Britain      
d. Italy       
e. Japan

35. SDR stands
a. Special Drawing Rights    
b. Special Development Rights    
c. Supreme Court Development Rights  
d. Supreme Court Drawing Rights    
e. None of these

36. Headquarters of the United Nations Organization is located in
a. New York      
b. Tokyo      
c. London       
d. Kathmandu      
e. Moscow

37. Many a times we come across a term in field of banking operation which reads 'ECS'. What is the full form of the same?
a. Electronic Coding System  
b. Extra Coding System  
c. Electronic Clearing Service  
d. Elementary Clearing System   
e. None of these

38. Union Budget is always presented first in the
a. RajyaSabha      
b. LokSabha     
c. Joint Session of the Parliament     
d. Meeting of the Union Cabinet      
e. None of the above

39. What is the full form of LAF?
a. Legal adjustment Facility     
b. Liquidity Adjustment Facility  
c. Long term Achievement Facility  
d. Legal Adjustment Formality  
e. None of these

40. Many a times we read a term in financial newspapers 'SEPA'. What is the full form of the term?
a. Single Exchange Processing Agency     
b. Single Euro Payments Area  
c. Single Electronic Processing Agency 
d. Super Electronic Purchase Agency 
e. None of the above

41. Service Tax was introduced in India for the first time in the year
a. 1990-91      
b. 1991-92       
c. 1994-95      
d. 1980-81     
e. 2000-01

42. Which of the following has now became the Third Largest Economy of the World?
a. Brazil      
b. India      
c. China     
d. Japan      
e. Russia

43. Which of the following is/are the components of the Fiscal Deficit?
A. Budgetary Deficit      
B. Market Borrowings      
C. Expenditure made from Pradhan Mantri Raha Kosha
a. Only (A) 
b. Only (B) 
c. Only (C)
d. all (A),(B) and (C) 
e.None of these

44. What is a Repo Rate?
a. It is a rate at which RBI sell Govt. Securities to banks 
b. It is rate at which RBI buys Govt. securities 
c. It is a rate at which RBI allows small loans in the market 
d. It is a rate at which offered by Banks to their most valued customers or prime customers 
e. None of these

45. The agricultural census is done at which of the following intervals?
a. There is no fixed term      
b. Every year 
c. Once in three years     
d. Once in ten years      
e. Once in five years

46. The maximum amount of total Revenue earned by the Govt. of the India comes from
a. Income tax       
b. Customs duty       
c. Excise duty      
d. Value added tax     
e. Corporate tax

47. Bharat Nirman does not cover which of the following areas?
a. Rural employment       
b. Rural Housing    
c. Rural Water Supply        
d. Irrigation Facilities  
e. It covers all the above areas

48. Who amongst the following gave the concept of PURA (Providing Urban Facilities in Rural Areas)?
a. Rajiv Gandhi       
b. Manmohan Singh  
c. APJ Abdul Kalam       
d. Narendhra Modi   
e. None of these

49. A customer wishes to purchase some US dollars in India. He/She should go to
a. Public Debt Division of the RBI only    
b. American Express Bank Only   
c. RBI or any branch of the bank which is authorized for such business     
d. Ministry of Foreign Affairs   
e. None of these

1) c 2) d 3) b 4) a 5) c 6) e 7) c 8) b 9)c 10) a 
11) b 12) b 13) b 14) b 15) c 16) b 17) e 18) e 19) c 20) b 
21) d 22) d 23) e 24) d 25) a 26) d 27) b 28) a 29) c 30) d 
31) b 32) c 33) b 34) e 35) a 36) a 37) c 38) b 39) b 40) b 
41) c 42) b 43) d 44) a 45) e 46) e 47) a 48) c 49) c