Wednesday, December 9, 2015

List of Indian Banks & Private Banks and their Heads

Central Bank
RBI (Governor) – Raghuram Rajan 
RBI (Dy. Governor) – H. R. Khan, Urjit R. Patel, R. Gandhi & S.S. Mundra 

Nationalized Banks 
Allahabad Bank  (Chairman and MD) – Rakesh Sethi 
Andhra Bank (MD and CEO) – Suresh N. Patel 
Bank of Baroda (MD and CEO) – P.S. Jayakumar 
Bank of India (MD and CEO) – Melwyn Rego 
Bank of Maharashtra (Chairman and MD) – Sushil Muhnot 
Bhartiya Mahila Bank (Chairman and MD) – 
Canara Bank (MD and CEO) – Rakesh Sharma 
Central Bank of India (Chairman and MD) – Rajiv Rishi 
Corporation Bank (Chairman and MD) – S.R. Bansal 
Dena Bank (Chairman and MD) – Ashwani Kumar 
IDBI (MD and CEO) – K.P. Kharat 
Indian Bank (Chairman and MD) – M.K. Jain 
Indian Overseas Bank (MD and CEO) –  R. Koteeswaran 
Oriental Bank of Commerce (MD and CEO) –  Animesh Chauhan 
Punjab National Bank (MD and CEO) –   Usha Ananthasubramanian 
Punjab and Sind Bank (Chairman and MD) – J.B. Singh 
Syndicate Bank (MD and CEO) –  Arun Srivastava 
UCO Bank (Chairman and MD) –   Ravi Kishan Takkar 
Union Bank of India (Chairman and MD) – Aurn Tiwari 
United Bank of India (MD and CEO) –   P. Srinivas 
Vijaya Bank (MD and CEO) –  Kishore Kumar Sansi 

State Bank Group 
State Bank of India (Chairman) – Arundhati Bhattacharya 
State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (MD) – Jyoti Ghosh 
State Bank of Hyderabad (MD) – Santanu Mukherjee 
State Bank of Mysore (MD) – Sharad Sharma 
State Bank of Patiala (MD) – S.A. Ramesh Rangan 
State Bank of Travancore (MD) – Jeevan Das Narayan 

Private Bank 

Axis Bank (MD and CEO) – Shikha Sharma 
Catholic Syrian Bank (MD and CEO) – Anand Krishnamurthy 
City Union Bank (MD and CEO) – N. Kamakodi 
Development Credit Bank (MD and CEO) – Murali M. Natrajan 
Dhanalakshmi Bank (MD and CEO) – P.G. Jayakumar 
Federal Bank (MD and CEO) – Shyam Shrinivasan 
HDFC Bank (MD) – Aditya Puri 
ICICI Bank (MD and CEO) – Chanda D. Kochhar 
Indusind Bank (MD) – Romesh Sobti 
J and K Bank (Chairman and CEO) Mushtaq Ahmad 
Karnataka Bank (MD and CEO) – P. Jayarama Bhat 
Karur Vyasa Bank (MD and CEO) – K. Venkataraman 
Kotak Mahindra Bank (MD) – Uday S. Kotak 
Lakshmi Vilas Bank (MD and CEO) – 
Nainital Bank (Chairman and CEO) – S.K. Gupta 
Ratnakar Bank (MD and CEO) – Vishwavir Ahuja 
South Indian Bank (MD and CEO) – V.G. Mathew 
Tamil Nad Mercantile Bank (MD and CEO) – K.B. Nagendra Murthy 
Yes Bank (MD and CEO) – Rana Kapoor


1. Who among the following was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements in November 2015? 
(a) Kaushik Basu (b) Raghuram Rajan (c) Jens Weidmann 
(d) Subir Gokarn (e) Haruhiko Kuroda (Ans : b)

2. Which country won the Rugby World Cup organized in October 2015 in England? 
(a) New Zealand (b) S. Africa (c) Australia (d) Wales (e) England (Ans : a)

3. Which party won simple majority in Parliamentary elections in Canada in October 2015? 
(a) Liberal Party (b) Conservative Party (c) New Democratic Party 
(d) Bloc Quebecois Party (e) Green party (Ans : a)

4. Vidya Devi Bhandari was elected as the first woman President of Nepal in October 2015. She is the leader of which party? 
(a) Nepali Congress (b) Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (c) Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) 
(d) Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (e) Tarai-Madhesh Loktantrik Party (Ans : c)

5. What was India’s position at the Asian Shooting Championship organized in Kuwait City in November 2015? 
(a) first (b) second (c) third (d) fourth (e) fifth (Ans : b)

6. Who among the following is the new Prime Minister of Poland where parliamentary elections were held in October 2015? 
(a) Donald Tusk (b) Beata Szyd3o (c) Jaroslaw Kaczynsi 
(d) Bronislaw komorowski (e) Ewa Kopacz (Ans : b)

7. Which SAARC nation started Balance Nail military exercise with USA in November 2015? 
(a) Nepal (b) Bhutan (c) Sri Lanka (d) Pakistan (e) Bangladesh (Ans : a)

8. Who among the following was conferred with all Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration on October 31, 2015? 
(a) CNR Rao (b) E Sreedharan (c) Karan Singh 
(d) PV Rajagopal (e) MS Swaminathan (Ans : d)

9. Abhishek Verma won silver medal for India at the….. World Cup Final in Mexico City in October 2015. 
(a) Archery (b) Wrestling (c) Shooting (d) Rowing (e) Boxing (Ans : a)

10. The UN launched the International Year of….. 2016 in November 2015. 
(a) Spices (b) Cotton (c) Coconut (d) Oilseeds (e) Pulses (Ans : e)

11. Ground Zero Summit, organized in New Delhi on November 5-8, 2015, was on the issue of– 
(a) Terrorism (b) Cyber security (c) Climate Change 
(d) Welfare of Women (e) Corporate Social Responsibility  (Ans : b)

12. India’s Amit Verma won the 2015 Bastiat Prize for….. given by Los Angeles-based Reason Foundation in November 2015. 
(a) Law (b) Science (c) Journalism (d) Philosophy (e) Economics (Ans : c)

13. Reserve Bank issued guidelines for the Gold Monetisation Scheme on October 22, 2015. Who will decide the interest rate on gold deposits? 
(a) RBI (b) Finance Ministry (c) Indian Banks Association 
(d) Individual banks (e) World Gold Council (Ans : d)

14. President Pranab Mukherjeee launched ‘IMPRINT India’ research initiatives for which of the following academic field in November 2015? 
(a) Commerce (b) Arts (c) Law (d) Management (e) Engineering (Ans : e)

15. Punjabi is now the third official language in Parliament of Canada after English and….. 
(a) French (b) Spanish (c) German (d) Russian (e) Chinese (Ans : a)

16. Who among the following was named the most powerful woman in the Indian business sector by Fortune India in November 2015? 
(a) Shikha Sharma (b) Chanda Kochhar (c) Chitra Ramakrishna 
(d) Naina Lal Kidwai (e) Arundhati Bhattacharya (Ans : e)

17. What is India’s position in the list of world’s most valuable nation brands by London-based Brand Finance in November 2015? 
(a) 7th (b) 17th (c) 27th (d) 37th (e) 47th (Ans : a)

18. Justice Tirath Singh Thakur appointed the….. Chief Justice of India in December 2015. 
(a) 41st (b) 42nd (c) 43rd (d) 44th (e) 45th (Ans : c)

19. What was India’s rank among 189 economies in World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2016’ report launched in October 2015? 
(a) 110th (b) 120th (c) 130th (d) 140th (e) 150th (Ans : c)

20. The Grand Alliance won over two-third majority in Bihar Assembly election results declared in November 2015. How many seats are there in the Assembly? 
(a) 143 (b) 193 (c) 243 (d) 293 (e) 343 (Ans : c)

21. The Presidents of China and….. met for the first time after more than six decades in November 2015. 
(a) Laos (b) Taiwan (c) Myanmar (d) Vietnam (e) Mongolia (Ans : b)

22. ‘INDRA’ is the joint military exercise conducted by troops of India and….. in Rajasthan in November 2015. 
(a) USA (b) UK (c) France (d) Russia (e) China (Ans : d)

23. Which is the top-ranked country in the list of world’s most valuable nation brands by London-based Brand Finance in November 2015? 
(a) USA (b) UK (c) Canada (d) Sweden (e) Singapore (Ans : a)

24. India has been re-elected to the UN Commission of International….. Law for another six year term in November 2015. 
(a) Trade (b) Culture (c) Maritime (d) Environment (e) Human Rights (Ans : a)

25. Which is the best country in terms of internet freedom in the report ‘freedom on the Net 2015’ released by Freedom House in October 2015? 
(a) Norway (b) Sweden (c) Finland (d) Denmark (e) Iceland (Ans : e)