Tuesday, August 8, 2017


1. Which of the following institutions provides secured depository services?
a) NSE
c) RBI
d) BSE

2. While dealing with Foreign Exchange transactions "Multicurrency basket" means:
a) A number of international currencies to which the value of SDRs is linked
b) Selected international currencies to which the value of Asian Monetary Unit is linked
c) Number of major international currencies to which the external value of the Indian rupee is linked
d) The name given to a group of West European currencies
e) None of the above

3. Name of the Bank and CMD is given below. Which pair is not a correct one?
a) Allahabad Bank - Usha Anantha Subramanian
b) Andhra Bank - Suresh N Patel
c) Bank of India - Rajeev Rishi
d) Bank of Baroda - PS Jayakumar
e) Bank of Maharashtra - Ravindra Prabhakar Marathe

4. In banking parlance when a negotiable instrument is endorsed with notation "Sans recourse", it means:
a) Without liability to payment bank
b) Without physical touch
c) Without liability to me
d) Without liability to payee
e) None of the above

5. When the holder of an order cheque signs on the back of it , without specifying the person to
whom the amount is to be paid, it is called:
a) Full endorsement
b) Partial endorsement
c) Conditional endorsement
d) Restrictive endorsement
e) Bank endorsement

6. Mandate is an/a:
a) Stamped agreement
b) Unstamped agreement
c) Memorandum of agreement
d) Letter of consent for agreement
e) None of the above

7. Earlier Form 15G/15H submitted by the depositors to their bankers for not deducting TDS. These
forms so collected had to be sent to Income Tax Department. However as per revised procedure, banks will not send copy of form 15G/15 H to Income Tax Department but will retain the same with them for:
a) 2 years
b) 3 Years
c) 6 years
d) 7 years
e) 8 Years

8. Merchant bankers are:
a) Financial Brokers
b) Financial Intermediaries
c) Credit Appraisers
d) Underwriters
e) All of the above

9. Name the Chairman of Insolvency Bankruptcy Board of India?
a) Romesh Sobti
b) Madhusudan Sahoo
c) P. JayaRama Bhat
d) P. Mukherjee
e) V.G. Mathew

10. In which years RBI and SBI are nationalized respectively?
a) 1955, 1949
b) 1969, 1955
c) 1949, 1955
d) 1955, 1969
e) 1949, 1969

11. Non-profit organizations are categorized in which risk category as per new KYC(Know Your
Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) guidelines:
a) Low Risk
b) Medium Risk
c) Little Risk
d) High Risk
e) Very High Risk

12. As per Section 138 of N.I. Act, there is a provision of penalty:
a) If cheque given as gift is dishonoured
b) If signature of drawer do not tally with that is one on record
c) If cheque issued in discharge of a liability is dishonoured due to insufficient funds in the account
d) If the cheque has been presented to the paying banker within a period of 3 months from date written on it & is not honoured due to insufficient funds
e) c & d both

13. The reserve which is created out of the capital profit is known as capital reserve. Which of the
following items for part of Capital reserve?
a) Profit on revaluation of assets and liabilities
b) Profit on sale of assets & sale of shares and debentures
c) Profit on forfeiture of shares & redemption of debentures
d) Profit on purchasing running business
e) All the above

14. Kisan credit Cards are issued to farmer____:
a) To withdraw money from ATM
b) To purchase farm equipments
c) To purchase agricultural implements on credit from dealers
d) To meet their cultivation needs and non-farm requirements, including purchase of inputs and other short-term requirements and working capital requirements for allied activities
e) None of the above

15. At present lending rate is calculated on the basis of MCLR. In MCLR 'M' Stands for:
a) Marginal
b) Macro
c) Micro
d) Market
e) Margin

16. Holders of 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' will not be eligible for opening any other
savings account in that bank. If a customer has any other existing savings account in that bank, he will be required to close it within:
a) 30 days from the date of opening a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account'
b) 45 days from the date of opening a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account'
c) 60 days from the date of opening a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
d) 90 days from the date of opening a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account'
e) 120 days from the date of opening a 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account'

17. Credit Rating Agencies in India are regulated by:
a) RBI
c) Central Government

18. What is the main objective of setting up of CERSAI?
a) Increasing revenue of Central Govt.
b) Preventing frauds
c) To compile statistics relating to total immovable properties in the country
d) To ensure whether a Company has registered with ROC properly or not
e) None of the above

19. Consequent upon merger of 5 subsidiaries and Bharatiya Mahila Bank into State Bank of India.
which of the following statement is correct?
a) This merger has catapulted SBI into one of the top 50 global banks (up from 55th position in 2016)
b) SBI's balance sheet size is Rs.33 lakh crore
c) The total number of branches and ATMs of SBI has become 24,017 and 59,263 respectively
d) The customer base of SBI is now over 42 crore
e) All the above

20. Google global CEO Sundar Pichai has launched training programme called ________ for
Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and startups to go digital in India in partnership with Ministry of Information and Technology and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
a) "Digital Unlocked"
b) "Wallet Unlocked"
c) "SME unlocked"
d) " Unlocking SME Potential"
e) None of the above

21. Which Bank's MD and CEO has been awarded the 'Woodrow Wilson Award' by the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington DC:
b) YES bank
d) SBI
e) Punjab National Bank

22. Match the following mergers of banks.
List I
A. Centurion Bank of Punjab
B. Bank of Rajasthan
C. Global Trust Bank
D. Nedungadi Bank
List II
1. ICICI Bank
2. Punjab National Bank
3. HDFC Bank
4. Oriental Bank of Commerce
a) A - 4; B - 1; C - 2; D - 3
b) A - 3; B - 4; C - 1; D - 2
c) A - 2; B - 1; C - 4; D - 3
d) A - 3; B - 1; C - 4; D - 2
e) None of the above

23. Which document stipulates internal rules of a company?
a) Memorandum of Association
b) Prospectus
c) Articles of Association
d) Declaration
e) Special Resolution

24. Banks Board Bureau (BBB) has recommended to the government names of 15 general managers of various public sector banks for appointment as executive directors. Who is the chairman of Banks Board Bureau?
a) Vinod Rai
b) Chandrashekhar Ghosh
c) Mukesh Sharma
d) K.B. Nagendra Murthy
e) Arvind Panagariya

25. "Aapka Bhala, Sabki Bhalai"is the slogan of:
a) Allahabad Bank
b) Federal Bank
e ) Bandhan Bank

26. Which of the following statements are correct regarding NRO Non Resident Ordinary Rupee Account?
a) Mainly used for local transactions in India
b) If a citizen becomes an NRI, the existing account will be converted into NRO
c) Can be opened in the form of Savings, Current, Recurring or Fixed Deposit account
d) Can be opened jointly with Resident Indian
e) All the above

27) A scheme named ___ offers a long term subscription to Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana with attached Fixed Deposit.
a) Suraksha Deposit Scheme
b) Suraksha Insurance Cover
c) Jeevan Suraksha Yojana
d) Suraksha Cover
e) Suraksha Plus Scheme

28. The Maximum number of members in a Private limited company is:
a) 50
b) 20
c) 10
d) 200
e) No limit

29. With which of the following is SARFAESI Act 2002 related?
a) Recovery of bad loans
b) Regulation of Foreign Exchange
c) Fixation of interest rates
d) Acquisition of small banks
e) None of the above

30. ________ is money whose face value exceeds its cost of production.
a) Production Money
b) Token Money
c) Paper Money
d) Black Money
e) Call Money

1) b 2) c 3) c 4) c 5) e 6) b 7) d 8) b 9) b 10) c
11) d 12) e 13) e 14) d 15) a 16) a 17) e 18) b 19) e 20) a
21) c 22) d 23) c 24) a 25) e 26) e 27) a 28) d 29) a 30) b